2019 180 Goals/Count
Last year I got 8 180's, so I did not achieve my goal of 10. So the goal.stays the same this year and started great having hit 4 in January already. We'll see how this month goes, maybe I have to set a higher goal ?
So far none this year, but I am really good at hitting 123s.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Hit 3 so far with 3 different sets. Getting a lot more 140s after changing my grip so hopefully some of those will turn into 180s here soon

It sounds like your experience is similar to mine.  I started playing last September and had 5 180s through the end of the year, well mainly through November, then I went on a 180 drought.  I changed my grip and I am scoring a lot better, but I just got my 6th 180 yesterday, with a set of darts that I don't use all that often anymore, but maybe I should. Cool  I have had a bunch of 140s and it is funny, I have gotten a lot of the first 2 darts in the treble 20 bed, but 180s are so much more important now, I have shanked a lot of 3rd darts and ended up with 125s or 121s.  But I think hitting more treble 20s consistently will start to generate more 180s.  

My goal is start getting them consistently enough where I lose count or they are not as holy as they are right now.  I am not expecting to get 1 per session, but it would be nice to get one, once every week or two.  

I guess we will see and I suppose that is why we practice. 

Good Luck,
Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Best Scoring Set of Darts - Swiss Point SP03 (Supergrip shafts, Retina flights)
Other Sets - Wolfram Infinity; a whole bunch of Ando's and MVGs; all Rob Cross;  

Best 501 game - 15 (steel tip - 100, 125, 100, 125, (3-16-D16 - I missed 19 with my first dart - dang-it)); 15 (soft tip) 
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 25
Highest checkout - 125 (T20 - T11 - D16)

Last year I hit 14 180's when the goal was 12.
This year the goal is 24. The count is already 10... so looks good
Hit 3 in a day a week ago and haven't hit one since.
40 180s this month
86/600 this year
[Image: 37d4kf.jpg]
On video or doesn’t count - just kidding

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Still behind after Febuary 4/50.
Last year was my rookie year for darts and in league...I’m not sure I got a 140, much less a 180.

This year, I got my first 180 and anticipate my 2nd. (wasn’t in league, was in a friendly 2v2 01 game)

Overall I have much improved. In Amarillo Texas, we are blessed with having two separate steel darts leagues with a good and healthy full 7-9 person 10 team roster in both.

I won rookie of the year in both leagues last year, and am currently ranked #7 out of 72 players in my primary league. But the 180’s are ever elusive. I will keep hunting them!

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