2019 180 Goals/Count
I am going to go ambitious and set a 1000.

I haven’t been counting so far but I’d say 5 a day so far is about average. So probably not exact I’m going for currently 45/1000. Long way to go!
Never really had a goal for how many 180´s.
So why not give it a go this year.
I hit 6 so far, so guess a good goal would be 100!

Personal best 13 darts.
Torn between loving and hating the game......

I had to stop throwing for a year due to work so I'm hoping to get back practicing using some of the routines here on the forum and aim for about 5 180s because I'm so rusty at this stage
I've been hitting a 180 about once every week or two when I practice. However, I have never hit one in my dart league.   Sad 
My goal is 25 in practice and 1 in my dart league.  I absolutely suck in my dart league, compared to when I am at home in a more relaxed environment.
Vids please

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After aprox. 20 Years witout playing darts I bought a soft tip board and darts about a year ago and I've had a lot of fun with it!
For Christmas I got a steel tip board (One80 G3) and now I'm enjoying darts even more. But it's like starting all over again
Since taking up darts last year I think I made about 50ish 180's on my soft tip board but since converting to steel tips I've only hit two 180s...
My biggest problem is playing others...I'm crap at it
So my goal for 2019 is to become as good at playing others as I am in training and if I make 50ish 180s along the way that would be nice too.

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MASTER of the T1

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46 hit this month - so it's 46/600 so far.
[Image: 37d4kf.jpg]
a bit behind after January 2/50!
(01-01-2019, 01:04 PM)jt4527 Wrote: I think I will set my sights high, having never got a 180 in my life!


1/25 SmileSmileSmile
B: 22g   S: Short   F: Shape   180s: 4/25

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