2019 180 Goals/Count
37 180s 3 in league so I'll try and get 40 this year
Highest checkout playing at home is 164 but in league is 151 but would love a 170
First 180 with my just arrived John Lowe Purist.
Hopefully first of many.
Just need to get the set up correct
Darts used.

John Lowe 
Golden Hero 24g
I got my first 180 of the new year. My goal is 20 - a lofty goal, since I only had 2 last year!
Got some new darts just after Christmas, and I’ve been patient with them!!

Hit my first 180 with them last night, and then hit my second 180 tonight!!

All good things come to those who wait ;-)
Target Carrera C5 (23g)
Target Pro Grip Clear Short Stems
Target Vision Fade Black Punched Flights 
Target Titanium Slot Lock Rings
Target Storm Nano Grip Black 26mm Points

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro Edition Board
Unicorn Striker Black Surround
Target Corona Vision Light System

2019: 56
2018: 27

Managed to hit 80 last year, fell just 6 short of hitting 100 all time

Already hit my first this year, and want to up it by a reasonable amount, so I'll set myself a target of 110 in 2019

1/110 so far!

Only 5 more to go to have hit the magic 100 and was going to stop counting then, but maybe I'll keep going to track progress
Setup: Harrows Supergrip 25g w/ ProGrip stems
High Checkout: 156
Best Leg: 13 darts
2019 180s: 18/112

"You've gotta love the darts! If you don't, there's something wrong with you!" - Wayne Mardle
Not much chance of getting a 180 as I throw for 19s.
I had 14 180s last year, this years target is 25.
I hit already one this year, so "only" 24 to go. Big Grin
Hit my first 180 tonight!!!

Harrows Elite 24 g, target short supergrip stems and harrows retina flights

, I changed my stance messing around , towards the middle of the oche, put my foot flat with oche , leaned in popped 3 in.

Was playing 501 alone for 30 -40 min from 9pm to 950pm, left, come back around 11:20-11:35 throwing darts at t20, moved around on oche a few times, realized I was getting excellent consistency with changed stance , and just committed!

More to come this year.

Thanks for support NUTZ! Nixxer especially! Lol

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Nice one Calix,looks good on the new board too
DARTS-Phase 5 purist/ Power 9fives 26g/ Unicorn RvB 25g
SHAFTS-Target Power shaft gen 1 (intermediate) 
FLIGHTS-The ones' on my signature
BOARD-Winmau blade 5 dual core
BOARD-Winmau Diamond
BOARD-unicorn eclipse HD trainer board
SET UP-Wall mounted cabinet
Newcastle United Premier League survivors 2018-19 season
[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
(01-13-2019, 07:33 PM)I justin-tutboard Wrote: Nice one Calix,looks good on the new board too

Thanks! Found a new sweet spot on oche...changed stance....and throw ....LOL can’t miss the 20 wedge....it’s awkward but the elbow is straight , I draw pretty far back , like a catapult , it’s literally a 180 Fromm my old stance 

[Image: 7P75zYa.jpg]
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