Gran Board 3 on all the time? Also what power adapter?
Anyone leave their Gran Board 3 on all of the time? I didn’t notice if this would hurt it (heat) or burn out the LEDs (which my experience in br30 bulbs is it happens).

I’m not too keen on unplugging the Micro USB with some people having issues with it. I have been unplugging it from the wall, but that seems odd.

BTW, what are you all using for a power adapter? It needs to be 2.4 amps or greater apparently. I’m hoping this one isn’t too big for my outlet that already has a big wart in the bottom receptacle:

(But it is the minimum 2.4a, almost feel better if it were more)

Does the mat change the power requirements?
I haven’t had the GB3 for very long however, my GB3 shuts itself off after about 5min of not being connected to a bluetooth device. I just press the red button to turn it on.

I use a PowerBear Qualcomm 3.0 3amp max 18watt charger and a 3.0 Power line+ Anker cable to power the board.

I can’t comment on the mat unfortunately.

I would message Gran Darts through the GranBoard app about the board not shutting off, I think that’s a malfunction.

Best of luck with your fix.
If it's a micro usb connector, may be worth looking at a cable with a switch built in.

Not sure if it'd work on the GB3, but may be worth checking one out (
(12-31-2018, 09:36 PM)peanutjimmy Wrote: If it's a micro usb connector, may be worth looking at a cable with a switch built in.

Not sure if it'd work on the GB3, but may be worth checking one out (

Nice looking solution. That says it is 2.5a and the GB3 needs 2.4 or greater so this may be a good cable to use. Might just pull the trigger on that, it is in my Amazon cart.

BDG...thanks for letting me know yours goes to sleep. I will swap out my cable and power first to see if it is an issue. The ones I used are both fairly old, although the power is an iPad wall wart and says it is 2.4, so maybe it is just the cable that I found laying around. 

Should probably look to see if mat + GB3 has bigger reqs though too since I think I have a mat coming as well.
After swapping out the wall adapter and the cable it did go to sleep once, but then it didn't another time. But thanks to putting away the holiday decorations and freeing up a WeMo smart plug ( I don't have to worry about it.

I just tell Siri to turn the dartboard off. Wink

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