First time repointing darts, new tips seating deeper than original - Unicorn
Just replaced the points on a set of Unicorn Gary Anderson Phase 2's with Unicorn 35mm points and the new points seated in the dart about 2-3mm deeper than the stock points. The stock and replacement points are both 35mm long. 

Is it typical that tips from the factory aren't seated all the way in?  Seemed like there was a bit of oil in the barrel when I removed the original points.

Here's a picture of one of the darts with the new tip just because everyone likes pictures of darts:
.. ..-.  -.-- --- ..-  .-.. --- ...- .  - .... .  -.. .- .-. - ...  ... - .- -. -..  ..- .--.
Yeah it's a unicorn thing don't worry about it,I bought a repointer in the last week and had the same issues

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I just re-pointed my Unicorn darts and lost 7mm in the barrel.  I was worried I had done something wrong as a first timer but this was consistent with the factory fitted points on the other two darts.  Seems to be deeper seated in Unicorn as I only lost 4mm on my other Datadart set.
Unicorn usually drills out the point hole 10-12 mm, but seats the point only 5-6 mm in. Most other manufacturers typically drill out only 5-6 mm.
My Target barrels are about 6 to 7 mm but thats good as I use CD pionts and I can adjust where the front groove of the point so to be comfortable with where my finger sits at the end of the barrel.
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