Constantly hitting 5’s
I also have a problem of hitting 5s, i used to stand to the right of the bull, with my shoulder lining up with the treble 6, i now stand to the left with my shoulder almost lining up with treble 11, so i'm throwing at the 20s across the 5s, so far it seems to be working.
Stop leaning as much. Hitting 5's is mainly caused from leaning too much and then a looping action coming off your right shoulder.
What happens is the right shoulder is rotated from right to left very slightly and therefore the throw takes on a leftward trajectory.
If you exaggerate your lean to the board to the point where you are on one leg, really each over and arc your arm to and fro as if you were throwing to the board (without trying to aim too much) you will notice that it takes on a right to left type arc. Your arm has to do this to maintain balance from leaning over too much.
Stand tall and balanced first and foremost. Keep leaning over to a minimum.
Also, if depending on your stance, turning from your hip so that your body is facing more towards the board may help, if you come at a 45 degree type angle. So you would turn your torso to the right, opening up your stance, but from the hips, not the shoulders/arms.

Try the not leaning thing first though.
I'm starting to believe that your warm up routine sets the pace for the day. If I go through my complete warm up I can amaze myself at times(of course that's easily If I just start throwing at the trip 20 or a certain target....I suck for the rest of the day. It kinda sets your mood and expectations if you start out expecting to hit your target with out proper warm up.
Angle your arm more to the right, I had that problem as well but gradually over time I was not keeping my arm as straight as I usually did. That was my problem at least if that's not it maybe just aim for the right side of the 20

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