Bull's (NL)/Shot! Martin "The Wall" Schindler 25gr 90% Tungsten Darts Review
I'll try to review the Bull's (NL)/Shot! Martin "The Wall" Schindler 25gr 90% Tungsten Darts
[Image: bYTWyUb.jpg]
This darts set is a collaboration of two big companies Bull's and Shot!. They are designed by Bull's for the young German player Martin "The Wall" Schindler and manufactured by Shot! in New Zealand. This is the latest model of Martin's darts, as used from him in the latest PDC World Youth Championship Final and the 1st Round of PDC World Darts Championship last Thursday. Both companies are well known for the quality of their darts, but this set is screaming "I'm made by Shot!". This set was kindly sent to me from the Dutch retailer Dartswarehouse.nl for this review.
[Image: z94j4L7.jpg]
Packaging and Contents

[Image: WG8rZeN.jpg]

The darts come in a slim carton shell and inside you will find:
  • a classic plastic slim case
  • a set of black Bull's inbetween nylon shafts and
  • a set of big standard Powerflite Martin Schindler "The Wall" flights

[Image: mCg4F5S.jpg]
The case isn't something worth talking about, but the shafts looking really good and durable and they hold the flights great. The flights are nice 100micron poly flights.
[Image: X5qIQa4.jpg]
This is a quite unique design, really good looking and with great machinery on them.
[Image: VbGh9Lt.jpg]
[Image: eCQJkkR.jpg]
This is a torpedo shaped barrel, with a nicely tapered nose and a small scallop to the rear of the mid-section.
[Image: gvy9e5m.jpg]
[Image: q7xJlwB.jpg]
Shot! made their best combinig some of their latest technologies on them. On the front section there is a brick wall inspired design featuring the cinder grip that first introduced to us with their Warrior Range.
[Image: n675KuB.jpg]
[Image: vUawXUH.jpg]
On the rear section the "Masonry Grip" that first introduced with the Shot! Ronin Series.
[Image: nBL3MGu.jpg]
[Image: hYeSJm3.jpg]
At the rear end there are lasered engraved the logos of Bull's, Shot! and The Wall.
Without a doubt, this is a great looking dart with many details carefully putted together.
[Image: rdOLjSf.jpg] 

The Grip

[Image: 3v9ZoYG.jpg] 
There are two different grip styles on this barel. The front half, has the so much advertised cinder grip apllied to a ring grip section giving a brick wall look. The grooves between the rings are thin and deep while the very front end is smooth and has only the cinder grip lasering on it. The feeling this grip gives is amazing, and its a result of lasering all the area. It's difficult to describe it. A dry feeling? like having chalk on it? like a velvet coating? only if you try it you could understand. I guess if your hands sweat a lot, this will help to not have this sticky feeling of the barrel.
---------Update after reading vanJupp's review here-------
I was waiting to have some weeks with them and update how they ware off but after seeing vanJupp's photos I can tell that the laser etching goes away faster than I expect, so its a minus for me, especially for the look of the dart, as I think its a middle to rear gripper's set; but for the grip and nice feeling of the cinder grip too if you grip them from the front.
If you like to grip your darts from the mid-front section you will have a great control, especially if you grip your darts tight,as the grip here is high-medium level.
[Image: Y8cZQ91.jpg]
[Image: 2Nl2PWM.jpg]

The rear half of the barrel is completly different. Squared rings, with small vertical cuts (like pixels), to follow the same brick wall concept. The grip here is high level. The grooves are wide and deep and the small scallop gives extra control. If you like to slide your fingers while draging back, you may find it a bit overagressive, but if not you will love it. A perfect combination of high level grip, scallop in the right place and no release problems. If you are a middle to rear gripper, who will grip the dart in the small scallop, like me, they may perfectly suite you. 
 [Image: tJENryN.jpg]
To sum up, the front grip on them is high-medium aggresive and the cinder grip will suite players who want a dry feeling on the dart. The rear section grip is high level, the scallop adds to the control and the only way to find it over-aggresive is if you like to slide your thumb over the barrel while throwing. For me the perfect combination is to grip from the rear scallop and rest a finger in the front tapered nose but middle grippers will find it interesting too. If you are an extremely front gripper, the shape of the barrel may give you some problems as you may not find the ammount of grip you want.

Throwing the Bull's Martin "The Wall" Schindler Darts
[Image: 4NFHa0X.jpg]
I have this darts for almost a month now, but I didn't managed to throw them before. From the first look I was sure they will suite me, beacause they are so close to what I like to throw and to my match darts.
[Image: LiTjLjP.jpg]
My predictions were right, as I start throwing them like I had them for months. From the first dart the finger positioning was perfect without second thoughts. I'm lucky? the darts themselves lead you where to grip them? who knows. The thing is that I was throwing them like beeing my match darts for long.
They fly really straight, without any signs of fishtailing. I feel that they fly a bit faster than my match darts but I guess is the really high level grip which combined to the scallop makes the "pussing" of the dart effortless. The only difference is that they land slightly flatter from what I'm used to, something that I didn't expected as they are a bit front loaded and not too long.
[Image: j2bmfEx.jpg]
[Image: vQNMwj8.jpg]
I'm so pleased with the throwing expirience and the two 180s I hitted during it (the second is maybe the best grouped 180 I ever had) made them first on the list as my back up set (as Im not willing to switch from my Typhoons). I will give them some more throwing time next days to decide.
[Image: 6TOAWvJ.jpg]
[Image: wq3RuXS.jpg]

The darts feel extremely well balanced and they fly really smooth. They are a bit front loaded but you cannot feel it while throwing them, as they dont loop so much to the board.
The balance point of the barrel itself is about 1,5 mm in front of the Dart's Actual Center
[Image: iWwHXtG.jpg]

with my setup (short nylon shafts) moves just to the centre of the barrel
[Image: UftVVw3.jpg]

with the setup provided (inbetween shafts) moves less than 1mm to the rear of centre
[Image: LpyHWP7.jpg]

and with medium shafts moves 1mm to the rear of center
[Image: WXShtjl.jpg]

Weight Matching:
[Image: GN3FFy9.jpg]
The weights of the three barrels are: 25.05gr, 24.94gr and 24.97gr. The 0.11gr difference is not something huge but I'm not happy with it considering the quality Bull's and Shot! use to have to their sets. 

 [Image: 7ClAwza.jpg]
Lenght: 50,62 mm
Max Diameter: 7,44 mm

Design: 8 (great looking with great machinery on them but the cinder grip goes away really fast)
Grip: 8 (the grip of the front section is medium aggresive, while the grip of the rear section is high level)
Weight Matching: 7 
Suitability for me: 10
Price: 6 (not cheap but you expect that price from Bull's and Shot, for a Pro-Players signature dart with so great machinery, sadly the look of them will not last as much as you pay)
Overall: 8
[Image: 63fPCPL.jpg]
This set of darts is something to talk about. A unique grip style combination (the cinder and Mansory grip) that you can find only on a small number of sets available right now, sitting on a really nice torpedo shape which gives you great control and tight grouping potentional. A set that may suite many middle and rear grippers and some front grippers too. For the front grippers I have too mention (after reading vanJupp's review too) that the cinder grip will not last for long, so it may annoy you the so fast transformation of your gripping area. All these plus that they are the darts of an up and coming young talent in the world of darts make them a must have not only for my collection but for my dart case too. The price is high enough so it may keeps you away.

Their retail price starts from 65 pounds and they are available in 23gr and 25gr steel and 18gr and 20gr soft tip.

You can explore the full Bull's range here

Once again I would like to thank Dartswarehouse.nl for sending me this darts for the review. Here is a link for the darts to their website: http://bit.ly/2P6BI51
I hope you enjoyed my review and helped you decide.
Thanks for another great review and pics - great looking set of darts, but too expensive for me, although I've bought a set of each of his flights for my collection lol. Have already added to the review index Smile
Thanks for the review. I was very curious what martins sponsor has in store for him after seeing him with benito van den pas darts.
Very interesting dart. For me the most beautiful of the schindler series. If I get a cheap shot, it's definitely worth a try.
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Great review and a really nice looking set of darts! I really like the few sets of Bulls I've tried and these look like they'd suit me too. One I'll be considering in the new year I think...
Monster Helios 3 22g
One80 Vice stems
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
Nicely done on the review and pics as usual John, plus one from me. mint
Cinder and masonry; seems appropriate for The Wall's darts.  Smile
A small update made in the grip and summary section after reading van Jupp's review here
(12-16-2018, 08:52 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Thanks for another great review and pics - great looking set of darts, but too expensive for me, although I've bought a set of each of his flights for my collection lol.  Have already added to the review index Smile

Thank you very much mc. Yes great looking darts and yes very expensive Smile
(12-16-2018, 09:35 PM)theblindPew Wrote: Thanks for the review.  I was very curious what martins sponsor has in store for him after seeing him with benito van den pas darts.
Very interesting dart.  For me the most beautiful of the schindler series.  If I get a cheap shot, it's definitely worth a try.

Thank you blindpew. If you are a middle to rear gripper it may worth a try

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