Spinning the dart.
Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice really.

As I take my dart from my hand that is holding them, without even thinking, I naturally spin it with my fingers as I bring it up to start my release.

I constantly drift. Always. Sometimes the darts are even going way further to the left. Mainly in the 5's but sometimes in the 12's as well. I have recently changed my stance to a more sideways on and this seems to be helping a bit.

I asked Chris Mason this on Twitter and he said Yes, this could be the reason (spinning the dart as I bring it up) but he never answered when I asked him how I would go about getting out of the habit of doing that because it just happens naturally for me, the only time it doesn't happen, is when I think about NOT doing it, but then of course, I drift even more because I am not focused on what I should be aiming for.

Does anyone have any hints or tips that they think I could try to get out of the habit?

Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
Drifting has more to do with the release and the arm movement I would think. I doubt that what you do before the throw has that much influence. Try hanging a plumb line down the center of the board and check to make sure your forearm is in line with the string and that your follow through is also straight at the target, T20.
Spin in flight is another subject, and an interesting one at that. It depends on how you grip the dart more than anything. Might find this interesting...?
[Image: 40044213562_88cce74fd0_b.jpg]

Target 9Five Generation 3s Cool  23.g (weighted 22s) 32mm points.  How can I miss with them arrows?  Undecided   


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