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Hola Dart nutz

Regarding flooring in dart room set ups, is there a large difference in game play between flooring set ups, hard wood, carpet, linolium, tyle ..

I imagine many of you have practice rooms set up at home,

I also imagine many of you have experienced playing at various locations , pubs, Venues, professional tournament style set ups.

Is there a recommended flooring material for darts ? Any you prefer?

I have a very thick / soft carpeted basement floor. I have tried putting a thin rubber based mat with fibre on the top to alleviate the coushion from existing for.

I also started shooting with moccasins for the first 4 weeks before switching to shoes after hearing commentary about playwith what you practice in. I do notice with My mocsssins, I can really feel the floor and and balance properly. The shoes I have are bulky and a bit high up. Especially with the super cushion carpeted Floors , I feel a bit of complications arising. And my alignment being off,

I am thinking about either dropping some plywood down , or cutting out,segments of carpet, plywood substrate,  and then installing wood flooring  , from dart board  to oche and 2feet back and around perimeter p.

Regardless I want to revamp my dart room, and seems like a minor adjustment, after I hear your opinions about flooring and game play.

My dart room has a wooden floor with a thin carpet on top. Usually i practice in my slippers, which i wear in the house, or even barefoot, when it´s warm enough. Actually i really prefer this.
When i used to play in pubs, i did wear shoes though Smile . Maybe this is the reason, i never accomplished a 180 there.?
Anyway, i don´t know if there are certain rules as to how (of what material) a professional darts setup has to be built exept for the measures.?
But certainly i would not like to play on concrete or tyled floors. No good for your feet and also bad for the odd missing dart...
You can use anything for flooring, but one thing to remember if you do play on thick carpet is #1 that when you set your board up that you pushed down on the carpet to measure the bulls heigth & #2 if you didn't when you step up to throw your gonna be lower then you should be
(12-10-2018, 12:45 AM)Crusher17 Wrote: You can use anything for flooring, but one thing to remember if you do play on thick carpet is #1 that when you set your board up that you pushed down on the carpet to measure the bulls heigth & #2 if you didn't when you step up to throw your gonna be lower then you should be
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cheers, and welcome to the forum...
A carpet is the best because the damages aren't that visible then :-) Also, you better accept a fact that no near furniture and walls will stay intact.
Thanks for replies.

I haven’t changed any flooring yet.

The carpet that’s there now is good for catching bounce outs (a lot less of them now with blade 5) , and I also have a high table against this wall under the board, so any flops and straight drops only fall less than a 18”

@ Crusher
Regarding carpet and pushing down before measuring bull.

Is this for real? @@#$, lol. Jk I will live . Something so small yet significant...damn! The carpet is defintily a 3/4 inch grade . Semi I can see your point on myself shooting from lower due to my weight sinking me down. I have been using a ultra thin interior porch matt as my shooting base . So I’m not sinking much.

So if I take the carpet up down to plywood substrate, 2-3 ft wide from Oche straight to the board , I can then measure my bull to plywood and be level.

Back to my original inquiry, is there a standard , or a regulation - a rule somewhere in a rule book which indicates that a flooring must be of a specific sort to meet regulations ??

I can imagine all the Worlds championship matches were played on similar flooring.

I can imagine you would notice a difference in shooting from concrete poured garage floor, carpeted basement, hardwood floor.

Subtle. But no less different .

I haven’t noticed much from my basement to the couple bars I played in . Both were commercial grade carpet pretty much. Cheap , low fibre , thin stuff. Fine to play on. Some people may not even notice difference in small things like that. And some People may be super sensitive to any minor inconsistencies.
Glad I found this post. I’m getting ready to redo the flooring in my man-cave (where my dartboard hangs). Good thoughts.
I've got carpet down, and I did in the old room I used to play in, one thing to keep in mind is if your not going to have an actual dart mat down over the carpet just watch out it doesn't wear out where you are constantly walking, mine started to get pretty flat.
I like carpeted floors, or at least a rug in front of the board it’s a lot more forgiving. Which leads to A LOT less shafts and things getting broke compared to wood or concrete. Just my 2 cents. Smile
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I won't throw my fav darts in a bar without carpets, I don't worry about shafts breaking / bending, but damage to my barrels. The arcade where I always play at is fully carpeted at the darts section.

Most places have tiled floor with a carpet along the path only, but I find that most of my softip bounceouts land on the sides, which is the hard tile.

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