Game changer - accessories big improvements
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Spinning flights can be put into two categories - those that turn only when impacted by an incoming dart, and those that spin freely.  In my experience the former category perform through the air much like regular non-spinning flights. Free-spinning flights, however, seem to have less affect on the dart, producing what I would call, for lack of a better term, a "purer" trajectory.
It’s all gone down shitter......

Darts is Way to much of a head game at the moment , and im thrown for a loop . Too much on my mind.

Played for a laugh yesterday , casually checking out new stems and flights , and was throwing miracles .

Now today I went to practice , and play a few 501s vs dartbot .

I’m all over the doesn’t help being physically exhausted and mentally stressed .

My arms are so tired I can barely lift the dart haha. Had our first snow fall of the season and we got hit hard , a lot of shoveling haha .

Thanks everyone for replies and input!

Cheers!! Let y’all know when I break my curse

Targets explanation on spinner tops. Less deflections .

I never w@tchded the target cache of YouTube videos some good ones .

I appreciate the mental state discussion .

Even more relation to this video about motivation

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