2019 Darts Nutz WC Contest
Well done and a big thanks to all of those mods who ran/took care of the contest and also Cosmo for the prizes. mint
Well done to all 3 winners and unlucky to everyone else who entered. Big thanks to the mods who ran the competition, and also big thanks to Cosmo for putting up the prizes.
Wow! Well chuffed with that!

Thanks for running the comp, great idea and well executed!
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
Congrats to all the winners! Very interesting and exciting contest. Also thanks to the organizers and Cosmo!
Honestly, I was very very surprised that I got the shared 5th place OMG1.GIF I've only been following darts for 1,5 years....
Joint 26th place! Wooohooo! Boy can I pick them! - I even got the winner! Mic Kvang Erwen

I think I'll post my picks for who plays in that Egg Ball game they play in America... the Superb Owl?...

Packers vs. Broncos

(Ignore Ryk, these teams are both already out and have been for weeks!)
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
::  L-Shaft Locked Slim 300 Emerald :: Metal Champagne Ring Aqua :: - L-Flight Dimple Solid Emerald  :: Winmau Blade 6 ::
Received my prize today.
Very impressed many thanks
Still waiting for mine :-)
It's arrived today :-) Two sets of flights - both are the shape (No6), one of them is the Air type. Then I got a set of 22mm titanium conversion  points and two sets of Carbon shafts size 4. One hybrid, one normal, both spinners. And the set of titanium spinners. Big thank to Mike HermThe for swaping these for my locked Super Duralumins.-)

[Image: cBWZb7G.jpg]
[Image: V8lHB0c.jpg]
[Image: 0Iwr74t.jpg]
I was looking forward to it and I could've got it a week ago if I had provided my phone number and email so that courrier could contact me better...

I was curious about the titanium spinners. I thought they'd be the  size 5 and I was pleased to see it's 4 actually. The same like the both carbons. I put some of my old kites on and had a few throws. Stems are quite heavy, however I hit 180 within my fifth or sixth turn. Then I was tinkering with other flights - including the Air that I got now and some tear drops and shapes and I hit another two maximums. I have to get used to it a bit though :-) I mostly use kites these days and I've already ordered some Air kites... Cosmo stuff like flights is so cheap now if you get a package like this for free.-)

[Image: bkIPOnM.jpg]
[Image: jwWd4va.jpg]
[Image: ZjCXpY0.jpg]

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