2019 PDC Unicorn Development Tour
Callan Rydz hit a 9 darter in the first round of event 6 - he ended up losing the match 4-3, and looking like all legs going with throw
From an early first round defeat in event 5 Corey Cadby takes event 6

Event 6

Last 32
Kevin Doets 4-1 Reece Colley
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-3 Callum Wilson
Luke Humphries 4-1 Marvin van Velzen
Nathan Girvan 4-0 Mike van Duivenbode
Seppe Giebens 4-1 Danny Key
Shane McGuirk 4-2 Ciaran Teehan
Jack Main 4-2 Josh Church
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-2 Owen Roelofs
Geert Nentjes 4-1 Stephen Rosney
Corey Cadby 4-1 Maikel Verberk
Bradley Brooks 4-0 Liam Waddingham
William Borland 4-2 Patrick van den Boogaard
Matthew Holbrook 4-3 Nico Schlund
Justin Smith 4-0 Daniel Kirton
Connor Pickett 4-2 Callum Matthews
Mike De Decker 4-0 Logan Crooks

Last 16
Kevin Doets 2-4 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Luke Humphries 4-1 Nathan Girvan
Seppe Giebens 1-4 Shane McGuirk
Jack Main 3-4 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Geert Nentjes 2-4 Corey Cadby
Bradley Brooks 2-4 William Borland
Matthew Holbrook 0-4 Justin Smith
Connor Pickett 1-4 Mike De Decker

Quarter Finals
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-5 Luke Humphries
Shane McGuirk 2-5 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Corey Cadby 5-3 William Borland
Justin Smith 5-3 Mike De Decker

Semi Finals
Luke Humphries 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Corey Cadby 5-2 Justin Smith

Luke Humphries 3-5 Corey Cadby

For earlier results check here - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcdt19e6
Nice bounce back by Cadby from the earlier session, well played. mint
Event 7

Last 32
Callan Rydz 4-0 Ciaran Teehan
William Borland 4-2 Mike De Decker
Corey Cadby 2-4 Harry Ward
Roman Benecky 4-2 James Beeton
Greg Ritchie 4-3 Henk Snijder
Geert Nentjes 4-3 Justin Smith
Nathan Rafferty 4-2 Rhys Griffin
Ryan Meikle 4-0 Mike van Duivenbode
Bradley Brooks 3-4 Thomas Lovely
Justin van Tergouw 4-2 Tommy Lishman
Reece Colley 4-3 Keane Barry
Berry van Peer 3-4 Bradley Clark
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 2-4 Andrew Davidson
Patrick van den Boogaard 2-4 Aiden Cope
Shane McGuirk 3-4 Luke Humphreys
Keelan Kay 0-4 Luke Humphries

Last 16
Callan Rydz 4-2 William Borland
Harry Ward 4-0 Roman Benecky
Greg Ritchie 2-4 Geert Nentjes
Nathan Rafferty 1-4 Ryan Meikle
Thomas Lovely 4-3 Justin van Tergouw
Reece Colley 2-4 Bradley Clark
Andrew Davidson 4-1 Aiden Cope
Luke Humphreys 4-3 Luke Humphries

Quarter Finals
Callan Rydz 4-5 Harry Ward
Geert Nentjes 3-5 Ryan Meikle
Thomas Lovely 3-5 Bradley Clark
Andrew Davidson 5-1 Luke Humphreys

Semi Finals
Harry Ward 4-5 Ryan Meikle
Bradley Clark 1-5 Andrew Davidson

Ryan Meikle 5-2 Andrew Davidson

For earlier results check here - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcdt19e7

I thought these were a couple of interesting results that show high averages don't always win games:

van Peer 3-4 Clark - BVP averaged 17.4 points more than Clark and lost
Rydz 4-5 Ward - Rydz averaged 12.6 points more than Ward and lost
Event 8

Last 32
Harry Ward 4-0 Hywel Manuel
Sebastian Pohl 0-4 Jarred Cole
Connor Scutt 4-3 Killian Heffernan
Corey Cadby 4-0 Cameron Anderson
Scott Hope 4-3 Christian Bunse
Lewis Pride 1-4 Geert Nentjes
Keanu van Velzen 0-4 Joe Davis
Nico Schlund 3-4 Luke Humphries
George Gardner 4-3 Jack Main
Kieran Brignell 4-3 Danny van Trijp
Ciaran Teehan 3-4 Joshua Burksfield
Lennon Cradock 2-4 Mike De Decker
Dylan Powell 0-4 Callan Rydz
Callum Matthews 3-4 Keelan Kay
Jeffrey De Zwaan 3-4 Tom Lonsdale
Kevin Doets 4-1 Brad Phillips

Last 16
Harry Ward 1-4 Jarred Cole
Connor Scutt 4-3 Corey Cadby
Scott Hope 4-3 Geert Nentjes
Joe Davis 1-4 Luke Humphries
George Gardner 2-4 Kieran Brignell
Joshua Burksfield 3-4 Mike De Decker
Callan Rydz 4-0 Keelan Kay
Tom Lonsdale 0-4 Kevin Doets

Quarter Finals
Jarred Cole 5-1 Connor Scutt
Scott Hope - Luke Humphries
Kieran Brignell 4-5 Mike De Decker
Callan Rydz 5-4 Kevin Doets

Semi Finals
Jarred Cole 4-5 Luke Humphries
Mike De Decker 3-5 Callan Rydz

Luke Humphries 2-5 Callan Rydz

For earlier results check here - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcdt19e8
Decent weekend for Callan Rydz with a win, 2 quarter finals and a 9 darter from the four events
Just seen an interesting stat on twitter - Mason was curious about how much of the Development Tour prize money has been won by full Tour Card holders and apparently up to and including event 7 the figure was 31%
Good luck

Darts are custom made 19g, made for me by David at Double Dee Darts. Great bloke, highly recommended.

Family is the most important thing in my life Heart Heart

54 years old with a body prematurely turning into a corpse
Event 9

Last 16
Geert Nentjes 4-2 Keelan Kay
Owen Roelofs 4-1 Tommy Lishman
Charlie Symons 4-1 Christian Bunse
Ciaran Teehan 4-1 Callan Rydz
Shane McGuirk 4-2 Patrick van den Boogaard
George Killington 4-1 Ben Cheeseman
Carl Batchelor 4-1 Mike De Decker
George Gardner 4-3 Justin Smith

Quarter Finals
Geert Nentjes 5-2 Owen Roelofs
Ciaran Teehan 5-4 Charlie Symons
Shane McGuirk 5-2 George Killington
Carl Batchelor 5-2 George Gardner

Semi Finals
Geert Nentjes 5-1 Ciaran Teehan
Shane McGuirk 5-1 Carl Batchelor

Geert Nentjes 5-2 Shane McGuirk

For earlier results check here - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcdt19e9
Event 10

Last 16
Ryan Meikle 3-4 Justin van Tergouw
Mike van Duivenbode 2-4 Roman Benecky
Niels Zonnefeld 4-1 Nathan Rafferty
Harry Ward 0-4 Ted Evetts
Jacob Gwynne 1-4 Shane McGuirk
Connor Arberry 2-4 Justin Smith
Bradley Halls 0-4 George Killington
Ciaran Teehan 3-4 Dom Taylor

Quarter Finals
Justin van Tergouw 5-4 Roman Benecky
Niels Zonnefeld 1-5 Ted Evetts
Shane McGuirk 5-1 Justin Smith
George Killington 5-3 Dom Taylor

Semi Finals
Justin van Tergouw 4-5 Ted Evetts
Shane McGuirk 5-3 George Killington

Ted Evetts 5-3 Shane McGuirk

For earlier results check here - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcdt19e10

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