Finding a new dart!
So I've been playing a while now I'm 19, since I started ive always thrown just like Gary Anderson same grip, same movement so I've used maestro phase 3 Gary Anderson darts and they are fine in all honesty I throw well most days but sometimes I will have a game or a practice and feel like I want to change but they are the only darts I feel anywhere near comfortable with despite not trying many new ones. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on similar darts.
My advice is if its not broke dont fix it.

If you are using phase 3 ( nice dart ) and are doing well with them theres no need to change, plus once you start changing it becomes a pain in the rear as you will always be chasing the right dart or what you think would be the right dart.

Honestly, if you think you are throwing well dont change.
yep...if your happy with your darts and are throwing yourself a favor and stay with them. It can get expensive chasing darts. Gotta admit though it is fun getting a new set to play with. As it stands, and I just started playing again less than a year ago, I now have about 15 sets with 14 of them collecting dust. But...if someone breaks into my house, I have enough ammo to curtail their well!
As the other collegues have said, don't change.

But you can test other darts from friends, darts mates.... and if you found something you feel confortable with... maybe you can change.

I have 9 set of soft tip darts and 6 af steel tip, I have been changing my trhowing style and I have bought darts for every change and sometimes simply becasuse I like a new set of darts.  

 Now I'm feeling more confortable with the grip of my first steps but taking the dart behind the gravity center.    I really feel confortable now with that grip and I know exactly how my darts should be... so I have ordered to custom darts one with my specifications in one squetch.    I'm waiting for them, I hope I'll receive them next week and I want to test them, but I think can be the good ones after the have been testing differents grips, configurations, weights....

Maybe you only are tired of your darts if you never have change, if they match well with you maintain them and if you really want to change look for similar configuration/weight and change.    Anyway you'll need a little period of time to make them your darts.
Sometimes you don't know until you try?

It's generally good not to rock the boat, and I'm a believer that most people can/will adjust to most darts if they're willing to train. Much of whether we "like" a dart is subjective, and dart manufacturers know this. The endless colors/grips, endorsed darts, even themed darts, make it obvious to me it's becoming more and more about flare instead of design. I suppose there's only so many configurations of 20ish grams of tungsten.

On the other hand, if there are flaws in your throw or consistency, it might be worth at least trying some of your friend's darts to see if anything seems to suit you better. If you haven't experimented with different weights/lengths/grips/shapes you might be surprised. I'm still experimenting, and the darts with which I shoot most consistently are different from what I thought they'd be.

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