Harrows Plexus 25gr 90% Tungsten Darts Review
(09-11-2019, 05:28 PM)The Dart Knight Wrote: That rear grip pattern is absolutely perfect for me. Are there any other darts out there with that rear grip pattern? I have these in steel tip but I NEED that rear grip in a 20g soft-tip. They only make 18g  Angry

I emailed Harrows team last year about this issue as well, why are there no 20g versions of the Harrows darts??! Some really do catch my attention, but no 20g version. Dodgy

I tell them the electronic boards nowadays can already handle 24g max weight, why still the old 18g limit??! Dodgy 

Now they have some new rear grippers that's 20g barrel weight, not sure if those will suit me though.


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