Gran board darts weight limit
Ive order a target phil power 9five gen 5 japan set which is stated as 24g set. Was wondering if any guys here tried using a similar weight darts on the gran board and if it wrks?
I'm not sure, but IIRC GranDarts recommend a maximum weight of 20g fully loaded...
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To be honest when I first swapped over to soft tip I was throwing with a set of 25g and had no issue with no board damage, I was using the L style premium points which are a bit softer than most.
But Since have moved down to a 16g set. I guess it really depends on your throw... if you are throwing hard then I would recommend going lighter.
The good thing about the Grand darts board is that you can swap out sections if you wear them out.
I researched this and I believe its recommended not to exceed 20g on the GB3.
I think it really also depends on how hard you throw, I have a buddy that I cringe when he throw 18 grams at my GB3 as he really whips them in, I think with the heavier darts you will see more damage to the spider, broker areas where misses occur, and possible more cracked segments over time. But again likely depending how hard the person is throwing, my 18 gram sets are actually 19g loaded, and no broken areas yet.
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