Q School 2019
Jeff won his match - Quarter Finals are

Marko Kantele - Karel Sedlacek
Dragutin Horvat - Mike van Duivenbode
Mike De Decker - Jeff Smith
Madars Razma - Yordi Meeuwisse
Quarter Final scores
Marko Kantele 5-3 Karel Sedlacek
Dragutin Horvat 0-5 Mike van Duivenbode
Mike De Decker 3-5 Jeff Smith
Madars Razma 5-2 Yordi Meeuwisse

Semi Finals warming up
Marko Kantele - Mike van Duivenbode
Jeff Smith - Madars Razma
Good bounce back for Jeff today, currently behind in his match though.
Madars beats Jeff 5-3 to move into the final
Much more expected names in the QF's today, still a lot of the known names dropping early again though.
As no one has mentioned it yet, let me tell you that Karel Sedláček missed 9 darter in a match against Van der Meer .-) 

[Image: ao2lKQI.jpg]

EDIT: I've just found out that it wasn't an attempt at 9 darter. He hit T20, S3, T18. But still... Wink
The other finalist is van Duivenbode after beating Kantele 5-3
Can I see somewhere the Q School Order of Merit?
Don't think it's been posted yet
Mike van Duivenbode wins the second Euro Tour Card beating Madars Razma in the final 5-4 after a great comeback from 4-2 down.
Nice comeback & good last leg in the 9th
Just saw this on twitter. BTW, is there any way how to paste tweets here?.

Euro Q School Order of Merit after day 2:
10 - [Image: 1f1f1-1f1fb.png] M Razma
8 - [Image: 1f1eb-1f1ee.png] M Kantele
7 - [Image: 1f1e6-1f1f9.png] M Rasztovits
7 - [Image: 1f1ed-1f1fa.png] G Lakatos
6 - [Image: 1f1e7-1f1ea.png] M De Decker
6 - [Image: 1f1e8-1f1ff.png] K Sedláček
6 - [Image: 1f1ec-1f1f7.png] J Michael
6 - [Image: 1f1e6-1f1f9.png] H Schnier
6 - [Image: 1f1e9-1f1ea.png] N Schlund
6 - [Image: 1f1e6-1f1f9.png] C Gödl
(01-04-2019, 05:38 PM)elevendarter Wrote: Can I see somewhere the Q School Order of Merit?

[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
How many cards will be given on merit ?
[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
(01-04-2019, 06:50 PM)Troll Wrote: How many cards will be given on merit ?

As I posted earlier there are 18 cards to be split between the UK and Euro schools and they will be split pro rata according to the number of entrants at each event - there's still 11 days before the UK school entry closes, so it's not yet known.

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