Good App for forum challenges!
if you havent tried "My Dart Training" App yet, you should!

it has JDC and target practice in it, so you can try 100 darts at bull/20's challenges just pressing single/double/triple/miss - buttons. no need for paper and pen... you can also set your target to 17 and darts to 51 so you can catch those aliens.

also has alot practice games like catch 40, finishing 50 and so on. ofc calculates x01 games and more.

been playing with it for 3 days, great app.

i thought this thread should go here to help with forun challenges as i started out with pen and paper.. but mods can move this anywhere they like if necessary!  Smile
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I've been using this app for a good 6 months and even went for the paid version in the end. It really is very good. Loads of training games, stats and you can have multiple dart profiles. It's also regularly updated. I'm a big fan!

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Big fan here too...using this app for over 1,5 year now (i think). Think its the best on the market. Have the paid version too.
The reason for spending my money for this: the developer is just great. He is very active in the german and take up every suggestion.

There is no iOs version...thats hard for Apple user, but i dont care Wink
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I begun to use this app as soon as I approached playing darts.
As an engineer, I stick to the principle "If you don't measure it, you cannot improve it".
So I tryed a bunch of apps that record statistics and games, and I found this the most user friendly and easy to manage, not a lot of work to do... just think to throw darts
I'm happy to find that others are using it.

I bought the pro version using my "google opinion rewards" balance. If you don't know what it is, give it a look: answer some questions about your habits, give Google some informations about you, and receive some little prize you can use to buy apps or other things on google play.

EDIT: just found the bigger thread:
If you hit what you are aiming at, it isn't luck.

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For iOS users the Dartsmind app has similar practice games as well 99 darts at XX (you select the number from 1 to bull), Bob's 27, around the clock, etc

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