What other sports do you like/play?
I'm just watching the Snooker (Ronnie O'Sullivan has just hit his 970th career century break) and wondered what other sports members like to watch or participate in.

I mainly like watching the NFL (Giants fan), Tennis, Snooker and Bowls, yes Bowls lol.
I used to watch boxing but not so much now. I occasionally watch various motorsports but don't really follow it.
I enjoy watching golf but don't play much now
I like a game of snooker or pool 8/9 ball
going off formula 1 rapidly, and now like to watch endurance racing i like the fact they race a bentley
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I like ALL sports. Anywhere from Mountain Biking to Table Tennis...LOL. If there's competition involved I watch it. My TV stays on ESPN most of the time. I have played/participated in many different sports over the years, but now due to physical limitations I don't participate as much as I would like to.
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Golf for me. I've played all my life. I don't watch a lot of sports anymore. Maybe one football game a week. Baseball only if the Cubs are in contention.
Liberal heathen
Watch a bit of everything, Hockey, NFL, CFL, Golf & MMA. Played Hockey & Baseball up until about 4 years ago, still play some Golf
We're cyclists and I like to run most of the year. Coming soon will start cross country skiing so winter never slows us down. We love being outdoors and staying active.
Love playing golf .
Watch Hockey , Golf ,Tennis ,Darts,Baseball and synchronized swimming.

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Enjoy playing football occasionally but would watch most things, whether it’s horse racing, F1, NFL or MMA (anything I can bet on).
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Women's Kabaddi, Marble Olympics, Cheese Rolling, Dwile Flonking - all the usual sports.

NFL - Packers fan since I was a little kid as - I didn't know where Green Bay was but I had heard of all the other teams Cities... actually I didn't know where Oakland was at the time either.

F1 - Used to really follow it but the onset of cheating diva drivers ruined it.

MMA - interested in the old UFC since an unknown Ninja dropped into and won UFC 3 way, way back in the day. It is a bit tame compared to Cheese Rolling though.
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I train in Muay Thai anywhere from 3-5 times a week. Enjoy Tennis, Cycling (Cross Country MTB, Road).

I was watching a fair bit of MMA on UFC but the recent crop of fighters have me turned off so mostly watching Glory, Lion Fight or Invicta. Then of course what Canadian can not include Hockey and Curling in a list of sports to watch.
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I like the NBA. Being from Ohio, I've been a Cavs fan my whole life. Its been a rough year...
Coarse Fishing, Pool and Cycling.
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I am a runner.

Like to watch football and Formula 1
Big MLB (Dodgers) fan, still an NFL (Rams) fan but not as much as I used to be because of the incomprehensible catch rules, still an NHL (Kings) fan despite the blasphemy of having shootouts decide regular-season games. As for the NBA, officially I'm a Lakers fan (which is good four household fun because my wife is a Celtics fan), but truth be told I honestly don't give a crap about a league where every year there's no more than three teams that have a realistic shot at winning it all.


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