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Ted Hankey: legend or unfulfilled talent ?
Hi guys

Off the back of cali recent post. 

Is Hankey a great or lost talent?

Won 2 wc, thrown smoother than silk itself and yet despite being old a year or two older has won less than Durrant, Waited or Michell in recent years.

I gotta go with  unfulfilled. 

Won 2 Wc but could have won so much more. 

How he isn't a minimum of.a 5x wc is beyond me, he should be what Durrant is now  

At this point I'm saddened. Adams was about 8 years older than Hankey and playing in the Grandlam a few years ago, same with Fordham. 

Hell Hamilton is nearly 52 and he's just qualified for the BDO Worlds

Darts needs the Hankeys of the world
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I vote for legend.

I live in Germany, but he is popular enough that i recognize him. In UK nobody will recognize me, although none of the Top 10 OoM player has ever beaten meTongue
And i think almost the whole dart world knows the count. 2x WC...
And...he has an iconic signature dart Winmau made for him.
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„Unfulfilled legend“ would be my choice.
Feel mixed on this to be a double world champion is a fantastic achievement, some great players of the past fell short at the worlds but do agree with the talent Ted has he should of won more
I went "unfulfilled" but I agree with BK that "Unfulfilled Legend" is more accurately how I feel.

I would love to see a comeback of some sort from him.

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I doubt if he'd make a mark without a big change in attitude the crowd got on his back& he played to it & like "topsy" it grew then it was all moans & groans then his illness no Idea if it was brought on by beer & fags in the latter years he was the biggest of the woe is me brigade think he's to long in the tooth to change shame he was a good player with classy throw
Even though I prefer BDO darts to PDC, personally I think he left it too late to make the switch - he should have gone over to the PDC in the early 2000's just after he won his first world title. If he had made the switch earlier I doubt he would have the financial problems he is having now.
Ted Hankey is great player
Legend - Be on your way.

He always had a menace about him and that 170 finish to win the World title... almost story book.

Actually thinking about it, I'm not too sure about his choice of walk on tune.
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Won 2 world titles. The first of which in a stronger field than the PDC version.
Ayup Comrades

Legend, good darts players don't win 2 WC's, only great players imo.

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You and Brissy Shed. Smile
As good as he was in winning his 2 world titles I have to go with unfulfilled.
He has one of the best throws for longevity like Beaton or Lewis, he has also won numerous opens and the like. But as far as big major tournaments go he has underperformed, never made a Winmau Masters final, only made one Finder Masters final (and that was before it was upgraded to Major status) and never made a semi-final in any other major he has played in.

He won 2 world titles from 3 finals he made (losing in 2001 to John Walton) but is now more known for his on stage antics and his health scare at the slam a few years ago.
Ted is a x2 world champ,so in that respect he is for me without doubt a legend
but i'm sure he'll look back one day and think he should have had more success
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