Accurate Dart Ultra Magnum Steel Tip Conversion Points Review

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Just a quick review of the Accurate Dart Ultra Magnum steel tip conversion points.  Probably more in the video but for those that may not know you can use conversion points to convert a soft tip dart into a steel tip dart.  So if your a soft tipper that want to play some steel tip you can keep the same darts and just switch out the points.  Also if your a steel tipper that wants a soft tip dart but just for steel tip you can use conversion points, simple really Smile

I got these points some time ago now and they are in two sizes, 30mm and 35mm although as you can see the point itself is not that size, check the pic below.  Unlike a lot of conversion points though these have a nice bull nose, they are often tapered so its nice to see a change in that regard.  The points are available to buy from the Accurate Dart site here:  When I got them they were $19.99 which is around £15 but are currently on sale for $15 which is about £12.

There is not much else to say really they perform as well as you could want and they matched the profile and grip of the Gemini darts I used which was good.  There is a little rubber ring to hold them tight in the barrel but I would still advise you to turn your darts clockwise when pulling them out of the board so you dont loosen the points.

If you want a more traditionally looking point for you dart then these are fine, would be nice to see them cheaper though.

[Image: MrBc1iR.jpg]

[Image: zybeBsY.jpg]

[Image: Q6s9vZz.jpg]

[Image: R8H2Lit.jpg]

[Image: Od6gHji.jpg]
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A bull nose, it's a great change and looks amazing. Nothing to fault as it does its job.
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2BA and Metal - Perfect combination and way better than those feeble Nylon tips.
Metal forever!
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These points are awesome. Fits great to soft tip barrel.
Did not know these exist! Now they are on my list of things I need to have. Thanks for the review.
Thanks for the review  Smile A ringed bull-nose conversion point is something I've not seen before. These would suit a few of the soft-tip sets I have.
I like these, exact same nose as my Ian White darts I've been using for the past few months.
Nice! although I prefer to have steel for steel and soft for soft - however those do look like they would get the job done.
Wow .. Can’t even tell there are conversion point in the barrels . Nice fit .

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a bit heavy i think

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