The missus has said price is of no concept - suggestions!
Darts : GB 1 Madhouse Customs  (22g ), Medium Nylon stems , Standard Flights.
Soft Tip: 17g Dartsclearance Barrels,Medium Nylon Stems,Standard Flights,Target Pixel Tips.

Steel Board: winmau Blade 5
Soft Tip Board: Granboard Dash 

GranID: GazzaB82 
              (The Biscuit)  Moddarts
maybe customs !
you can have the darts you want grip , weight , shape ect.....
Customs all the way mate

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James Wade Phase 2 because................well, just because.
- Red

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Unicorn James Wade Phase 1 (20g)---Short Nylon/Poly Shafts---Marathon/No.6 Shape Flights  

Winmau Blade 5
Thanks for all the replies guys much appreciated. Had a chuckle at a few of the posts lol
(10-25-2018, 03:33 PM)impaler1991 Wrote: Thanks for all the replies guys much appreciated. Had a chuckle at a few of the posts lol

Did you decide on any of them?

Did anyone else read the title and think it was a post about Gerwyn? Big Grin

ps I'd recommend customs from as a few others have suggested, I'm just planning my second set from them, was very pleased with the first! Check out their facebook page for examples of previous sets made, and of the different grips they can do

(a pic of mine was posted on 15th June btw, love them Smile )
Madhouse Customs 23.8g
L Style flights & stems
Unicorn Volute points
Customs would be pretty cool and as a gift she'll really be happy to have helped you decide. The issue with that is if you get them and they just don't feel right for any reason then she'll want to know why you aren't using the bought she bought you.
But, you're so lucky to have a wife who realizes your passion and wants to help you with a generous xmas gift.

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