Alan Evans: why did it never happen at the majors?
Hi guys

BIG fan of Evans but can't help but wonder why it never happened for him at the majors?

He won the 1975 Winmau Masters yet never did it really on TV. 

I Know health played a part from 1988 onwards however that's still a patch of 10 years or so. 

I find it just really unusual that Lowe said he was amazing as did Bristow (who I think hated him for a long time) and yet he never pulled another title outside the 2nd Winmau Masters. 

The guy was nailing 180s for fun in the 70s so what happened? Booze, nerves etc?? 

Just curious as hes so revered and has such legendary status but statistically he's far behind Dave Whitcombe whose far less remembered??? 

Myth over fact or just a case of best ever in pubs but not in majors????
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He did score the highest 9 darts on Bullseye - all time. On the TV way back in 1984. Super smashing great.
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He was good but........ messrs bristow ,Lowe and Wilson were better
Evans was at his best early 70s to mid 70s, he was rated as the number one player in the world at that time, the 3 biggest tournaments around  were NOTW which he reach the final in 72, won the British open and  world masters , I’ll health and a lot of lengthy bans really hurt his game banned for a year after beating Bristow in 79, Lowe said what he could do on a dartboard was unbelievable and from the old 7ft 6 throwing distance was the best ever, untouchable

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