2018 Finder Darts Masters
McGeeney has just won the first set against Mitchell - going to miss the rest of the game and also the next few matches as off out for a couple of hours - will update the scores later when I get back Smile
Williams v Veenstra and McGeeney v Durrant in the semis, should be interesting. Semis best of 7 and final best of 9 right?
Young gent Keane Barry making quick of the youth final, tidy player he is. mint
Got back a couple of minutes ago and see I missed Lisa winning the ladies - Veenstra vs Durrant now playing the mens final with Veenstra 1-0 in sets (best of 9)
Decent game so far - Veenstra 3-1 up at the break
(12-09-2018, 06:12 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Decent game so far - Veenstra 3-1 up at the break

Durrant mounting a comeback to level it up.

Durrant up 4-3 in sets at the moment and down 1-0 in legs in the 8th set.
From 3-1 down to win 5-3 - great comeback, well played Duzza
Actually really enjoyed the coverage..... And always good to see Co Stompe (one of my favourites) haha! Big Grin
Well played to Durrant and to Lisa. Both did really well in the final, great standard.

The event itself has been nice as always, the BDO has something to learn here, as the Finder Masters looks a bigger event, with a better crowd and presentation than either the Masters or the World Trophy
May as well add them in to complete the scores, here are all the scores from todays games

[Image: HGhBxtP.jpg]

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