2018 Finder Darts Masters
(12-07-2018, 10:44 AM)mc1958 Wrote:
(12-02-2018, 07:13 PM)justin-tutboard Wrote: I shall cheer michael Unterbuchner on,as he appears to now be English when plays

I never even noticed that when I copied it over from the Dutch site lol

Anyway, quick bump for this as it is starting tonight - link for the stream a couple of posts up, or using the same stream


And in case nobody realised, the times quoted in the schedule above are local times - start times in the UK are an hour earlier, so 6.30pm tonight

sorry for the late reply MC and cheers for the link
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[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
Scores from last night's games

[Image: Y0ClmoL.jpg]

This afternoons order of play - 12.30pm local time, 11.30am UK time

[Image: D6aDi6f.jpg]

and this evenings final group games - 7.30pm local, 6.30pm UK

[Image: 6afp6iV.jpg]
Don't know if this has been posted but also;

My daughter left a couple of minutes ago so catching up on things - here are this afternoons scores

[Image: bmZ6Tse.jpg]
By my reckoning that means Adams, Waites, Reynolds, Egdom, Day, Kleermaker, Unterbuchner and O'Shea are all out in the mens and Prins is out in the ladies.
For anyone wanting to watch on android or ipad, there is an app for NH Nieuws that can be downloaded and there will be a link in there to watch the action - I'll be usi9ng that one tonight I think Smile
Trouwborst is also out, leg difference too bad despite winning her game against Hedman.

This tournament seems to have really captured the Nutz' collective attention...
Scores from last nights final group matches:

[Image: 0FGUbuA.jpg]

Schedule for today - start time looks to be 10.15am UK time

[Image: l1BGiUC.jpg]
first game just started for anyone interested in watching Smile
Jim Williams into the semi finals winning 3-2 in sets
Veenstra through 3-1 to face Williams in the first semi final

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