Hello from Bavaria
Hey, I heard of this forum from someone in a German forum and thought I could join.

I started playing darts in July, but was a big fan of the sport itself for years, just never bought a dartboard. I played with my dad at least 12 years ago in our basement on a crappy e-dart-board but never got to buy a "real" board after that, even though I was watching the World Championship every year back then. 

I hope I can find some tips here and I'll also play the challenges that I already found here.
Hi and welcome aboard - there's lots of good info and practice routines/challenges on here that should help your game along Smile
Welcome to the forum
Hello and welcome to the forum! Smile
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Welcome to the forum!  Look forward to seeing you on the Challenge pages!
Hallo und willkommen Weizen44.
We hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do.
We are currently out of bier.
Did you bring any bier ?
~ Zeroed4x
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Thanks for the intro and I have to say Bavaria is one of the prettiest parts of Deutschland that I have visited. Prost.
Welcome......Still in awe of the power of the internet to bring people all over the world to one spot......boggles the mind...or my mind anyway...... Big Grin
Welcome to the forum and may the darts be with you
Welcome to the forum.  Smile
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Welcome Weizen!!!!
Welcome - glad to see you found the forum...and the Nutz!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
- Red

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Hi,enjoy your darts and enjoy the forum
Welcome to the forum Weizen, which Weizen do you prefer?
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