Target Wayne Mardle Gen 2 - 24g - An Expensive Disappointment
For the past 11 months, I've been throwing a set of Target's Sport - Extreme darts in 24g and they've been fantastic. I've thrown some of my best darts with these arrows! But as usual, over time the barrels wear down and the grip starts to go. So I decided to pull the trigger on some Mardle Gen 2's. 

Personally, I'm a fan of really grippy darts. I know some people don't like too much grip as they find it affects their release. But maximum grip is always something I look for when buying darts. 

There were several reasons why I went for the Mardle Gen 2's. Firstly, I'm a massive fan of Target. My last 5 sets of darts have been from Target and I've always loved the quality of the barrels. Also, the quality of Target's accessories has always seemed the best for me. From the stems to the flights etc.... I've always been happy with Target. Secondly, I'm a fan of the pixel grip since the Carrera's were released some years ago. I had 2 sets of the C4's in 24g before and they were fantastic. Really loved them for their balance and grip!

So after looking around online, I went for the Mardle Gen 2's. I liked the straight barrel design with the deep rings and the coating is really nice looking. Overall, visually to look at it, you would think the grip would be extreme. They seemed to tick all the boxes for me. Target... 24g... straight barrel... grippy pixels... But I'm just not getting on well with them.

I got them this day last week and I'm struggling. I feel like a beginner all over again. 

First of all, they're not as grippy as you might expect. Not as grippy as my outgoing Sport-Extremes and certainly nowhere near the Carrera C4's grip. 

I feel like I have to be really delicate when releasing them. They tend to just fly out of my hand, usually to the right and drop low. It's the first time I've ever really had this much of an issue with new darts. Yeah of course, there's going to be a "breaking in" period, but I can't seem to get any improvement going. I'm even struggling to hit "big numbers" and doubles are a joke.

So overall, for me, the grip is the issue. They're just not as grippy as you would expect from a pixel grip design. 

Has anyone else had any experience with these? As I said, to look at them, they appear ultra grippy but I've found the opposite. I've tried different stems (I tried short stems for the first time in over a year) but no joy. 

Here's a photo of my best grouping with them. I'm no pro, but with my last darts, I would get one or two 180's per week and can occasionally finish 501 in about 20 darts. Also a photo of my extreme's.

[Image: target.jpg]
I have the same preferences like u-grippy target darts, i think out of my last 10 sets only 2 been non target. The carrera c4 grips looks a bit like the chizzy pixel grip which i also own and i found the mardles a bit more grippy, i also have some cx4 cortex which just have a weird grip and kinda not enough.
Maybe its because u dont get along with the wider rings and bigger pixels the c4 has compared to the mardles?
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Should maybe try the Lewis pixels. They are very grippy. A few more posts and you could post in the swap section if your still not happy with the Mardels.
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I have them and quite like them. Personally not a big fan of overly grippy darts but that mainly refers to a sharp grip that sticks to the edge of your skin (like the Carrera Cxx's for example). Usually fine with just a deep grip like Lewis gen 2's or the Mardle gen 2's in this case. The pixels are definitely different so they might just not suit you, probably best to move on to a different set and sell these if they aren't doing your game any good.
I have. Set and love them......the pixels I find are fine as they are slightly bigger and further appear than the carrerra and being a rear gripper love the grip t the back which is sharper than the Lewis s gen 1 which I tried and found to slippy
I also like the fact that it is shorter than a lot of darts at the moment as I find those round 54mm just to long for me and this around 50 is great!!!
I use mine with intermediate stems and standard flights and find they fly well and can group easy
As said I love mine but with all darts it’s personal preference to what we ll like and this why so many darts on the market as we are ll different but all love the game ,won’t to get better and find the darts that work for us
Don't get angry about the Mardles ..... sell them on ebay and buy yourself the Target Sport or the C4 again.
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I purchased a set of22Grm Showtime Nitro St's the original version before withdrawal i really like them a they are my go to darts So thought the Target Pixels would be similar/ better enter Mardles 22Grm pixels I like you was disappointed could not get on with them ended up doing a swap
As said I love the mardle s gen 2 but having had a think why not try the agora 1`s simalar in design and longer and look very grippy
But still love the mardle s 2 !!!
If you can keep yourself from the hype and temptation of being drawn to signature player darts, try and keep your options open. I find that I personally need to find a balance of tactile grip but still smooth enough to release without totally sticking to my fingers. I'm sure you know what I mean. If you have an open mind, try some of the offerings from SHOT. You like the feeling of pixel style grip ? Try some SHOT Ronin Rei, these are not pixel, it is a masonry block grip but similar feel. Need even more grip approaching maximum try Ronin Yu. Want something with variable grip option in one dart, Shot Warriors, Harriers and Falcons. I have more sets that are 100% keepers with Shot than all the other brands that I own.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. Some great opinions!

I'm going to give them another few days and maybe stick them on eBay and hope they sell quick. Might just buy a new set of the Sport-Extremes.

I took some slow motion video of my self throwing the Mardles vs the Sport-Extremes.

One hugely obvious difference I noticed is that the Sports get a lot of spin. You can see the flight turning quickly as the dart travels through the air. I'm using a Target No6 flight.

However, the Marlde darts remain static and the flight doesn't spin AT ALL. It remains in the position it left my hand, all the way to the board.

I might try a No2 flight again to see if it makes any difference. I also noticed that the Mardle darts seem to drop way quicker.

I've gotten a little bit more used to the darts, but still if I pick up my Sport-Extremes, they feel more comfortable.
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