2019 PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour
Was a good comeback for a final 6-5 finish and Darius was up 4-0.

Seen the last semi as well, Oskars shoes were squeaking every time he took a step and were driving me crazy, surprised Darius could concentrate on his shot!

2018 - 0
2019 - 14
2020 - 1

Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !
(08-24-2019, 04:46 PM)nixer55 Wrote: Not sure how Razma missed so many darts to win the tie break, but well done to Labanauskas.

Good result   Big Grin Madars is great person ,but I have no respect for him as darts player
[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
2019 Euro Tour 13, Gibraltar
24 August 2019

Last 16
Roland Lenngren 6-5 Hallgrímur Egilsson
Niels Jørgen Hansen 6-2 Matthías Örn Friðriksson
Oskar Lukasiak 5-6 Niels Heinsøe
Daniel Larsson 6-1 Jan Macintosh
Pétur Rúðrik Guðmundsson 5-6 Jesper Skovgaard
Christian Johansen 6-0 Atli Bjarnason
Esmar Mikkelsen 1-6 Þorgeir Guðmundsson
Cor Dekker 6-4 Dennis Nilsson

Quarter Finals
Roland Lenngren 0-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Niels Heinsøe 3-6 Daniel Larsson
Jesper Skovgaard 3-6 Christian Johansen
Þorgeir Guðmundsson 1-6 Cor Dekker

Semi Finals
Niels Jørgen Hansen 4-6 Daniel Larsson
Christian Johansen 3-6 Cor Dekker

Daniel Larsson 5-6 Cor Dekker

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbeq19e13
PDCNB Pro Tour 6 streaming now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6O_YdEFvQU

DartsConnect link, https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdcnbpro19e6
2019 Pro Tour 6
25 August 2019

Last 16
Madars Razma 6-4 Niels-Jørgen Hansen
Søren Hedegaard 6-1 Kristinn Helgason
Marko Kantele 6-2 Jan Macintosh
Ulf Ceder 2-6 Niels Heinsøe
Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Veijo Viinikka
Daniel Larsson 6-5 Cor Dekker
Dennis Nilsson 6-3 Mindaugas Barauskas
Oskar Lukasiak 4-6 Ivan Springborg

Quarter Finals
Madars Razma 6-1 Søren Hedegaard
Marko Kantele 6-2 Niels Heinsøe
Darius Labanauskas 0-6 Daniel Larsson
Dennis Nilsson 6-1 Ivan Springborg

Semi Finals
Madars Razma 0-6 Marko Kantele
Daniel Larsson 4-6 Dennis Nilsson

Marko Kantele 6-4 Dennis Nilsson

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e6
Kantele through for the win over Nilsson, good match as well as the semi of Larsson V Nilsson.

Kantele V Madars ‘The Suck’ Razma was a great display of unprofessionalism on Razma’s part.
He got white-washed 5-0 , deciding not to play a final leg as they wouldn’t change the score keeper.

All in all, some good matches throughout.

2018 - 0
2019 - 14
2020 - 1

Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !
Was looking at the rankings earlier and though this tour has really come into it's own but the number of entries seems low, I'm sure there were more before
Mack The Knife
2019 Pro Tour 7
12 October 2019

Last 16
Labanauskas, Darius 6-4 Hansen, Niels Jørgen
Heinsøe, Niels 6-4 Aronen, Antti
Nilsson, Dennis 6-1 Laine, Joonas
Ceder, Ulf 4-6 Johansen, Rene
Razma, Madars 6-0 Keskinarkaus, Jani
Harju, Teemu 6-3 Porkola, Vesa
Kantele, Marko 6-4 Niskala, Asko
Larsson, Daniel 5-6 Laursen, Per

Quarter Finals
Labanauskas, Darius 6-3 Heinsøe, Niels
Nilsson, Dennis 6-3 Johansen, Rene
Razma, Madars 6-2 Harju, Teemu
Kantele, Marko 6-1 Laursen, Per

Semi Finals
Labanauskas, Darius 6-4 Nilsson, Dennis
Razma, Madars 6-3 Kantele, Marko

Labanauskas, Darius 6-5 Razma, Madars

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e7
Madars gets his revenge in todays final

2019 Pro Tour 8
13 October 2019

Last 16
Labanauskas, Darius 6-0 Uutela, Jarkko
Springborg, Ivan 6-2 Kirjavainen, Seppo
Nilsson, Dennis 3-6 Keskinarkaus, Jani
Ceder, Ulf 6-3 Ussa, Jyri
Razma, Madars 6-1 Finnilä, Pauli
Heinsøe, Niels 6-1 Skovgaard, Jesper
Kantele, Marko 6-2 Niskala, Asko
Larsson, Daniel 6-4 Knox, Aaron

Quarter Finals
Labanauskas, Darius 6-0 Springborg, Ivan
Keskinarkaus, Jani 6-5 Ceder, Ulf
Razma, Madars 6-0 Heinsøe, Niels
Kantele, Marko 6-2 Larsson, Daniel

Semi Finals
Labanauskas, Darius 6-4 Keskinarkaus, Jani
Razma, Madars 6-5 Kantele, Marko

Darius Labanauskas 3-6 Madars Razma

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e8
Standings after event 8 courtesy of Jetze on twitter.  Madars getting to the final today means he will qualify for his debut at Ally Pally as he can only be caught now by either Kantele or Nilsson, not both (one of them will get the second Ally Pally spot as Darius has qualified via the Pro Tour)

[Image: PyXkBub.jpg]
Dennis Nilsson missing this weekend due to being taken ill and going to hospital - he is now back home, but get well soon Dennis - https://pdc-nordic.tv/statement-about-dennis-nilsson/

2019 Pro Tour 9
2 November 2019

Last 16
Labanauskas, Darius 6-5 Barauskas, Mindaugas
Viinikka, Veijo 6-1 Kalnins, Janis
Heinsøe, Niels 6-0 Mustafejevs, Janis
Laursen, Per 6-1 Skovgaard, Jesper
Razma, Madars 6-5 Niskala, Asko
Mickus, Kristaps 6-4 Hansen, Niels Jørgen
Kantele, Marko 6-0 Kupsis, Janis
Springborg, Ivan 6-4 Hansen, Robert

Quarter Finals
Labanauskas, Darius 5-6 Viinikka, Veijo
Heinsøe, Niels 3-6 Laursen, Per
Razma, Madars 6-2 Mickus, Kristaps
Kantele, Marko 6-1 Springborg, Ivan

Semi Finals
Viinikka, Veijo 6-3 Laursen, Per
Razma, Madars 6-3 Kantele, Marko

Viinikka, Veijo 5-6 Razma, Madars

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e9
Yeah, get well soon to Dennis.

When I have managed to catch a stream on the Nordic YouTube channel, he has always been a stand out player.
B: 22g   S: Tweenie   F: Shape   180s: 0/25
Yes it's a shame that he isn't there this weekend as he had a real chance of getting an Ally Pally spot - looks like Marko Kantele gets the second spot now by default
The final Pro Tour event of 2019 has been won by Darius Labanauskas

2019 Pro Tour 10
3 November 2019

Last 16
Madars Razma 6-2 Janis Kupsis
Niels JørgenHansen 0-6 Asko Niskala
Niels Heinsøe 6-0 Eglis Zandbergs
Per Laursen 6-3 Allan Rask
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Gunars Ozolins
Ivan Springborg 6-1 Aleksandrs Ligotnis
Marko Kantele 6-0 Janis Mustafejevs
Veijo Viinikka 4-6 Mindaugas Barauskas

Quarter Finals
Madars Razma 6-2 Asko Niskala
Niels Heinsøe 2-6 Per Laursen
Darius Labanauskas 6-3 Ivan Springborg
Marko Kantele 6-4 Mindaugas Barauskas

Semi Finals
Madars Razma 3-6 Per Laursen
Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Marko Kantele

Per Laursen 2-6 Darius Labanauskas

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e10
The final OOM for 2019 courtesy of Jetze on twitter - Madars finished on top by just €50 - as Darius has already qualified for Ally Pally via the Pro Tour this means Madars and Marko Kantele have qualified via the N&B OOM

[Image: 6JvPs4b.jpg]

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