2019 PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour
Starting this thread now due to the PDCN&B held their qualifiers for ET's 1 to 3 this weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland. I'll update this post with the 2019 calendar once it has been announced.

2019 PDC Nordic & Baltic Calendar

February 1-3, Apple Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden
Pro Tour 1
Pro Tour 2
Qualifiers for Euro Tour Events 4,5,6

March 8-10, Slangerup Dart Club, Copenhagen, Denmark
Pro Tour 3
Pro Tour 4
Qualifiers for Euro Tour Events 7,9,10
Qualifier for Euro Tour Event 8, excluding Danish players

13 June PDCN&B Host Nation Qualifier    
14 June Danish Darts Open, Brøndby, Denmark

August 23-25, Grænásbraut 606, Keflavík, Iceland
Pro Tour 5
Pro Tour 6
Qualifiers for Euro Tour Events 11,12,13

October 11-13, Hotel Tallukka, Vääksy, Finland
Pro Tour 7
Pro Tour 8
Qualifier for 2020 Euro Tour Event 1

November 1-3, Bellevue Park Hotel, Riga, Latvia
Pro Tour 9
Pro Tour 10
Qualifier for 2020 Euro Tour Event 2

PDC Nordic & Baltic Incentives and developments for the 2019 Season.

We are pleased to announce the following for the 2019 season:

PDCNB players that enter the 2019 PDC Q-School will receive free entry to all PDCNB Euro tour Qualifying events during the 2019 season.

Note: PDCNB players that enter Q School, but do not secure a tour card will be eligible to compete on the Unicorn Challenge Tour. Fees for entry to be announced at a later date. Info PDPA website.

PDCNB will be introducing the Dart Connect scoring system for the 2019 season. Info about the system can be found on the PDPA website.

Any 9 Dart finish during PDCNB tournaments will now be recognized with a Trophy commemorating the achievement. The player will also be eligible for free entry to ALL PDCNB events (including PDC European Tour Qualifiers) during the 12 months following the perfect leg.

Trophies will now also be awarded to the Winner and Runner-up of PDCNB Pro Tour Events.

Invitations to the PDC World Championship for the top 2 of the final 2019 Order of Merit will continue as will the offer of free Q-School entry to the top 5 players. However should Full Tour Card holders finish in the top 5 then their place will be offered to the next highest player/s on PDCNB final OoM. Should a non-tour card holder decline entry to Q School then that invite will not pass to the next highest ranked player.
I'll update this post with all the winners of the events as they happen - just click the event below to see the scores from that event.

PT1 - Madars Razma
PT2 - Darius Labanauskas
PT3 - Madars Razma
PT4 - Dennis Nilsson
PT5 - Darius Labanauskas
PT6 - Marko Kantele
PT7 - Darius Labanauskas
PT8 - Madars Razma

ET1 Qualifier - Madars Razma
ET2 Qualifier - Kim Viljanen
ET3 Qualifier - Magnus Caris
ET4 Qualifier - Dennis Nilsson
ET5 Qualifier - Johan Engström
ET6 Qualifier - Kim Viljanen
ET7 Qualifier - Dennis Nilsson
ET8 Qualifier - Dennis Nilsson and Teuvo Haverinnen
ET9 Qualifier - Daniel Larsson
ET10 Qualifier - Cor Dekker
ET11 Qualifier - Dennis Nilsson
ET12 Qualifier - Daniel Larsson
ET13 Qualifier - Cor Dekker
2019 Euro Tour 1, Leverkusen, Germany
5 October 2018

Round 1
Uni Árting - BYE
Vitor Charrua 1-6 Daniel Larsson
Roland Lenngrenn - BYE
Madars Razma - BYE
Dennis Nilsson - BYE
Jan McIntosh - BYE
Darius Labanauskas - BYE
Henrik Primdal - BYE
Þórhallur Viðarsson - BYE
Ulf Ceder 6-0 Rúnar Þór Árnason
Marko Kantele - BYE
Niels Jørgen Hansen - BYE
Cor Dekker - BYE
Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson - BYE
Ivan Springborg Poulsen - BYE
Bogi Hansen Isaksen - BYE

Round 2
Uni Árting 0-6 Daniel Larsson
Roland Lenngrenn 2-6 Madars Razma
Dennis Nilsson 6-4 Jan McIntosh
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Henrik Primdal
Þórhallur Viðarsson 1-6 Ulf Ceder
Marko Kantele 6-0 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Cor Dekker 6-0 Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson
Ivan Springborg Poulsen 6-2 Bogi Hansen Isaksen

Quarter Finals
Daniel Larsson 5-6 Madars Razma
Dennis Nilsson 1-6 Darius Labanauskas
Ulf Ceder 6-5 Marko Kantele
Cor Dekker 6-2 Ivan Springborg Poulsen

Semi Finals
Madars Razma 6-4 Darius Labanauskas
Ulf Ceder 6-4 Cor Dekker

Madars Razma 6-2 Ulf Ceder
2019 Euro Tour 2, Hildesheim, Germany
5 October 2018

Round 1
Henrik Primdal - BYE
Madars Razma 4-6 Darius Labanauskas
Marko Kantele - BYE
Vitor Charrua - BYE
Matthías Örn Friðriksson - BYE
Ivan Springborg Poulsen 1-6 Kim Viljanen
Niels Jørgen Hansen - BYE
Jakob Arnar Októsson 0-6 Ægir Björnsson
Roland Lenngren - BYE
Daniel Larsson 6-0 Alex Daníel Dúason
Jan McIntosh - BYE
Rúnar Þór Árnason 1-6 Dennis Nilsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen - BYE
Pétur Rúðrik Guðmundsson 1-6 Ulf Ceder
Cor Dekker - BYE
Niels Heinsø 6-1 Uni Árting

Round 2
Henrik Primdal 1-6 Darius Labanauskas
Marko Kantele 6-0 Vitor Charrua
Matthías Örn Friðriksson 1-6 Kim Viljanen
Niels Jørgen Hansen 5-6 Ægir Björnsson
Roland Lenngren 5-6 Daniel Larsson
Jan McIntosh 6-5 Dennis Nilsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen 0-6 Ulf Ceder
Cor Dekker 6-5 Niels Heinsø

Quarter Finals
Darius Labanauskas 6-3 Marko Kantele
Kim Viljanen 6-0 Ægir Björnsson
Daniel Larsson 5-6 Jan McIntosh
Ulf Ceder 1-6 Cor Dekker

Semi Finals
Darius Labanauskas 4-6 Kim Viljanen
Jan McIntosh 1-6 Cor Dekker

Kim Viljanen 6-2 Cor Dekker
2019 Euro Tour 3, Munich, Germany
6 October 2018

Round 1
Roland Lenngren - BYE
Madars Razma 6-4 Uni Árting
Daniel Larsson - BYE
Jan McIntosh 0-6 Dennis Nilsson
Kim Viljanen - BYE
Karl Helgi Jónsson 0-6 Magnus Caris
Marko Kantele - BYE
Pétur Rúðrik Guðmundsson 6-5 Hallgrímur Egilsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen - BYE
Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Niels Heinsø
Vitor Charrua - BYE
Niels Jørgen Hansen 6-2 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Haraldur Pálsson - BYE
Ulf Ceder 6-2 Dennis Lindskjold
Cor Dekker - BYE
Rúnar Þór Árnason 6-4 Alex Daníel Dúason

Round 2
Roland Lenngren 5-6 Madars Razma
Daniel Larsson 6-1 Dennis Nilsson
Kim Viljanen 5-6 Magnus Caris
Marko Kantele 6-0 Pétur Rúðrik Guðmundsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen 2-6 Darius Labanauskas
Vitor Charrua 4-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Haraldur Pálsson 2-6 Ulf Ceder
Cor Dekker 6-1 Rúnar Þór Árnason

Quarter Finals
Madars Razma 1-6 Daniel Larsson
Magnus Caris 6-5 Marko Kantele
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Ulf Ceder 6-3 Cor Dekker

Semi Finals
Daniel Larsson 5-6 Magnus Caris
Darius Labanauskas 1-6 Ulf Ceder

Magnus Caris 6-3 Ulf Ceder
It's the first weekend of the 2019 N&B tour this weekend and I'll post the scores at the end of each event, but if anyone wants to watch them then the Live Darts Iceland team will be streaming matches on their youtube channel here


The Euro Tour 4 qualifier is currently underway - the link for that is

2019 Euro Tour 4, Saarbrucken, Germany
1 February 2019

Round 1
Niels Heinsøe - BYE
Jesper Skovgaard - BYE
Kenneth Byø - BYE
Niels Jørgen Hansen - BYE
Hans Johnsson - BYE
Pauli Finnilä - BYE
Ulf Ceder - BYE
Mindaugas Barauskas 6-5 Jonas Fridriksson
Aegir Björnsson 6-4 Andreas Harrysson
Roland Lenngren 3-6 Ivan Springborg
Andreas Toft Jørgensen - BYE
Daniel Jensen - BYE
Nicolai Rasmussen - BYE
Dennis Nilsson - BYE
Niklas Olsson - BYE
Matthías Örn Friðriksson - BYE

Last 16
Niels Heinsøe 6-1 Jesper Skovgaard
Kenneth Byø 4-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Hans Johnsson 0-6 Pauli Finnilä
Ulf Ceder 6-4 Mindaugas Barauskas
Aegir Björnsson 3-6 Ivan Springborg
Andreas Toft Jørgensen 6-3 Daniel Jensen
Nicolai Rasmussen 2-6 Dennis Nilsson
Niklas Olsson 6-2 Matthías Örn Friðriksson

Quarter Finals
Niels Heinsøe 1-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Pauli Finnilä 4-6 Ulf Ceder
Ivan Springborg 6-2 Andreas Toft Jørgensen
Dennis Nilsson 6-1 Niklas Olsson

Semi Finals
Niels Jørgen Hansen 6-4 Ulf Ceder
Ivan Springborg 4-6 Dennis Nilsson

Niels Jørgen Hansen 1-6 Dennis Nilsson
2019 Euro Tour 5, Premstatten, Austria
1 February 2019

Round 1
Kenneth Byø - BYE
Jonas Fridriksson 1-6 Niels Heinsøe
Mindaugas Barauskas - BYE
Niklas Olsson 3-6 Andreas Harrysson
Dennis Nilsson - BYE
Ivan Springborg 6-5 Roland Lenngren
Nicolai Rasmussen - BYE
Andreas Toft Jørgensen 2-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Jesper Skovgaard - BYE
Hans Johnsson 0-6 Daniel Jensen
Matthías Örn Friðriksson - BYE
Halli Egils 5-6 Robert Wagner
Brian Christiansen - BYE
Johan Engström 6-2 Pauli Finnilä
Aegir Björnsson - BYE
Vitor Charrua - BYE

Last 16
Kenneth Byø 5-6 Niels Heinsøe
Mindaugas Barauskas 0-6 Andreas Harrysson
Dennis Nilsson 6-4 Ivan Springborg
Nicolai Rasmussen 6-5 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Jesper Skovgaard 3-6 Daniel Jensen
Matthías Örn Friðriksson 5-6 Robert Wagner
Brian Christiansen 0-6 Johan Engström
Aegir Björnsson 4-6 Vitor Charrua

Quarter Finals
Niels Heinsøe 6-3 Andreas Harrysson
Dennis Nilsson 6-2 Nicolai Rasmussen
Daniel Jensen 6-1 Robert Wagner
Johan Engström 6-3 Vitor Charrua

Semi Finals
Niels Heinsøe 3-6 Dennis Nilsson
Daniel Jensen 2-6 Johan Engström

Dennis Nilsson 2-6 Johan Engström
2019 Pro Tour 1
2 February 2019

Last 32
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Daniel Jensen
Rene Johansen 4-6 Veijo Viinikka
Johan Engström 6-0 Ivan Springbor
Matthías Örn Friðriksson 3-6 Robert Wagner
Madars Razma 6-2 Andreas Toft Jørgensen
Andreas Harrysson 6-4 Mogens Christensen
Kim Viljanen 4-6 Per Laursen
Edwin Torbjörnsson 6-0 Martin Koverhult
Daniel Larsson 6-5 Kenneth Byø
Henrik Primdal 5-6 Søren Hedegaard
Ulf Ceder 6-0 Bent Lambertsen
Jonas Fridriksson 6-4 Björn Andersson
Marko Kantele 6-1 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Niels Heinsøe 6-3 Tom Veje
Cor Dekker 2-6 Oskar Lukasiak
Ricky Nauman 6-2 Steen Lysen

Last 16
Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Veijo Viinikka
Johan Engström 6-1 Robert Wagner
Madars Razma 6-3 Andreas Harrysson
Per Laursen 1-6 Edwin Torbjörnsson
Daniel Larsson 6-0 Søren Hedegaard
Ulf Ceder 6-3 Jonas Fridriksson
Marko Kantele 6-2 Niels Heinsøe
Oskar Lukasiak 6-2 Ricky Nauman

Quarter Finals
Darius Labanauskas 3-6 Johan Engström
Madars Razma 6-5 Edwin Torbjörnsson
Daniel Larsson 4-6 Ulf Ceder
Marko Kantele 3-6 Oskar Lukasiak

Semi Finals
Johan Engström 5-6 Madars Razma
Ulf Ceder 6-2 Oskar Lukasiak

Madars Razma 6-0 Ulf Ceder

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnbpro19e1
2019 Euro Tour 6, Sindelfingen, Germany
2 February 2019

Last 32
Pauli Finnilä - BYE
Niklas Olsson 4-6 Henrik Primdal
Mindaugas Barauskas 4-6 Andreas Harrysson
Roland Lenngren 6-2 Jonas Fredriksson
Cor Dekker - BYE
Per Laursen 6-0 Aegir Björnsson
Kenneth Byø - BYE
Dennis Nilsson - BYE
Daniel Jensen - BYE
Andreas Toft Jørgensen 4-6 Vitor Charrua
Niels Jørgen Hansen 1-6 Ulf Ceder
Jesper Skovgaard 6-3 Brian Christiansen
Kim Viljanen - BYE
Nicolai Rasmussen 5-6 Halli Egils
Ivan Springborg 6-1 Matthías Örn Friðriksson
Niels Heinsøe 4-6 Edwin Torbjörnsson

Last 16
Pauli Finnilä 6-5 Henrik Primdal
Andreas Harrysson 4-6 Roland Lenngren
Cor Dekker 6-2 Per Laursen
Kenneth Byø 0-6 Dennis Nilsson
Daniel Jensen 2-6 Vitor Charrua
Ulf Ceder 4-6 Jesper Skovgaard
Kim Viljanen 6-1 Halli Egils
Ivan Springborg 4-6 Edwin Torbjörnsson

Quarter Finals
Pauli Finnilä 6-4 Roland Lenngren
Cor Dekker 6-2 Dennis Nilsson
Vitor Charrua 6-5 Jesper Skovgaard
Kim Viljanen 6-4 Edwin Torbjörnsson

Semi Finals
Pauli Finnilä 6-5 Cor Dekker
Vitor Charrua 3-6 Kim Viljanen

Pauli Finnilä 2-6 Kim Viljanen

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdcnbeq19e6

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