2019 BDO World Championship
(11-26-2018, 07:58 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Hopefully it will be another good week.  Unfortunately I can't afford to go to any of the sessions at Lakeside once travel and accomodation (oh and beer lol) is factored in, but I've already put in for the week off work so I can watch it on Eurosport Big Grin

Will it be on BT as well or just Eurosport
Just Eurosport and their sister channel Quest
Are all of the games on Quest and Eurosport of do they own different matches?
Until the tv schedules come out I haven't got a clue which games are going to be on which channels - all I know is they will be sharing the coverage. My guess though is Eurosport will show the evening sessions and Quest will show the afternoons and also some highlights.
Thank you for your help buddy.
Excellent news regarding Quest showing some of the Lakeside, I was hoping they did as they do the Eurosport snooker too.
Update on Adam Smith-Neale posted by Des Jacklin on facebook a couple of minutes ago:

Quote:So even though I am unbelievably busy at the moment I thought I’d better update what has happened to Adam Smith-Neale back in Bologna .
The following is not a “wind-up” and is 100% true.

As most of you know Adam missed his footing on a kerb ( the kerbs in Bologna are about 8 or 9 inches high) on Saturday night and fractured his Tibia in 3 places, after being taken to hospital he was out in traction until the time of his operation scheduled for Tuesday 27th (yesterday).

For those that don’t know , the medical term / procedure “Traction “ involves a 5” metal pin being pushed through Adams ankle then connected to several “pullies” with a 5lb bag of sand on the end, this is done to gently and gradually pull the bone back into line, Btw this procedure was done in front of me while Adam was completely conscious (it was horrendous).

Bologna hospital has 3 separate building some distance from each other and Adam has to be moved from his initial room to the building where he was having his operation .

Adam was on a “ward” on the 13th floor and had to be taken in the lift down to the ground floor to get to the ambulance that was waiting to take him to the other part of the hospital.

As the hospital porter pushed Adam ( still in bed on traction ) into the lift the door somehow shut on the bag of sand that was attached by way of the 5” pin to Adams ankle, this happened without anyone noticing!!!

The lift door then shut and started to descend dragging Adam off the bed , eventually the apparatus snapped (releasing Adam).

Adam sustained a broken ankle where the pin was inserted has had to have a longer operation to repair all 4 brakes and fractures.

I spoke to Adam yesterday and he understandably was In severe pain.

I have spoken to Adam this morning and he’s feeling 100% better, his leg is now in cast due to the ankle break and will remain in cast for about 4 weeks.

We are still confident that Adam will play at Lakeside but we will clearly know more when he returns to England next Tuesday or Wednesday .

We wish Adam better luck for a speedy recovery.


That doesn't sound good what he is going through, but hopefully he will be ok for Lakeside
(11-28-2018, 12:58 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Update on Adam Smith-Neale posted by Des Jacklin on facebook a couple of minutes ago.

That doesn't sound good what he is going through, but hopefully he will be ok for Lakeside

Not good at all, but good on Des to make it clear what happened. mint

No Cadby-Cast-Gate here. Rolleyes Big Grin
Hope that he’s fine for the world champs
hope he makes it,
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I broke my leg last year and if that is true then there is no way he will play. Even if he is out of the cast it won't just be better. His balance will take time to come back and he will not have had any practice. It could be that it was a cleaner break than mine but that read like his leg is a mess.
Mack The Knife
Also on what basis he confident. He has no medical knowledge, really he should be managing expectations that he couldn't attend.
Mack The Knife
He seems to think he will be ok to play as he is trying to sell space on his shirt for a couple of sponsor patches. My guess is he will turn up and start his game so he can pick up whatever prize money it is and then cry off due to injury after a couple of legs (no pun intended lol).
Most likely which will be a shame, both for him and a player who could have replaced him. My issue is as chairman I don't think that is a sensible or professional response.
Mack The Knife
I have been most impressed by Michael Unterbuchner on the BDO circuit. I think his run at the Grand Slam has proven that.

Durrant will probably still go all in to retain his title, but I think it's for Unterbuchner. Perfect for him to start his (probably) last year in the BDO.

Think it's him, Durrant second and ol' Mark McGeeney third as my personal favorite.
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