2018 BDO British Classic and Open weekend
[Image: vyMnPy2.jpg]

Happening this weekend at the Spa, Bridlington

[Image: s7JO2WS.jpg]

British Open:
Mens Singles - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20182.html
Ladies Singles - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20181.html
Mens Pairs - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20181.html
Ladies Pairs - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20182.html

British Classic:
Mens Singles - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20183.html
Ladies Singles - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20182.html

No doubt most people will be watching the PDC event on the BBC, but this will be streamed from 1pm on Saturday and Noon on Sunday:




Thanks for posting Mike as I'm looking forward to having a watch. mint
Might watch both
Good stuff Mike ... Cheers for posting .

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


It’s a shame I’m going on holiday otherwise I’d be playing (crashing out in the first round) lol
Darts : GB 1 Madhouse Customs  (22g ), Medium Nylon stems , Standard Flights.
Soft Tip: 17g Dartsclearance Barrels,Medium Nylon Stems,Standard Flights,Target Pixel Tips.

Steel Board: winmau Blade 5
Soft Tip Board: Granboard Dash 

GranID: GazzaB82 
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Results from the pairs finals from last night:

Mens - Glen Durrant & Andy Hamilton 3-0 Scott Mitchell & Ross Montgomery
Ladies - Danielle Ashton & Tori Kewish 3-0 Roz Bulmer & Nikki Goldsmith
Wow! Well done Tori!

Darts: Harrows Glen Durrant Duzza Series 2 24g, short Harrows Supergrip shafts, Harrows flights (Marathon/Retina/Optix/Rapide) 

Best 501: 13 darts (League), 14 darts (Pro Darter)

Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
I’ll probably be watching both, my friend is playing on the same board as Richard Veenstra so he’s in for a tough draw!
Started playing: June 2017

Best finish: 170 (THE BIG ?)

Best leg: 14 darts

Currently using: trusty old 22g DC Darts
Has now started with Lorraine Winstanley and Danielle Ashton on stage.
Hurrell looks like he's getting a bit stuck in his drawback more than before.

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