Dave Whitcombe: underrated???
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We look at the big 3 of the 80s of Bristow, Jocky and Lowe With Deller and Anderson arguably making it a big 5.

Ol Dave though seldom gets a mention and yet he was a 3x major winner in Masters, NOTW and British matchplay.

Add in 2 finals in the WC against Bristow where against. Anyone else he may have had a chance. 

Competed  in first 12 wc, then competed in the 2006 pdc won and finished 4th in league of legends. 

All this and according to the likes of Bristow, Lowe and George he virtually didn't practice at all.
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Overall, I'd rate Whitcombe ahead of Deller.
Very much underrated, great player Dave , was a force to be reckoned with in his day
I remember Dave hitting a treble 20, treble 19 then a treble 18 in a normal leg of 501
- I'd seen cover shots but that was the first time I'd seen a cover shot on a cover shot and he made it look effortless.
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Good point, Whitcombe was in the top 10 along with Rees Evans & Gregory.

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Dave had a pub in Ipswich for a while and played against them a couple of times and tournaments at the pub.

Thoroughly nice guy that to my mind, while great, never quite managed to reach the potential he had. There is a simple reason for that as I asked him one evening at a tournament so his words.

He was never a great fan of practicing. If he had of been able to get his head around that I believe he would have won more than he did.

Brit in Orlando
Can t in anyway argue that in that era he was easily in the top 10,of best players WITHOUT a doubt ... always went deep into the mayor tournament s good good player
Dave whitcombe was class end of
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In the early to mid 80's he was the 4th best player in the world behind Bristow, Wilson and Lowe. It took Bristow in his prime to stop him being a double World Champion, in fact Bristow knocked him out of the World Championships in 81, 83 and 85 as well.

For a player that didn't practice much, he did fantastically well!
I was fan boy enough to have bought a set of his Unicorn darts when they launched.

Not decrying him in anyway just saying I thought he had the ability to have won more.

Brit in Orlando

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