Fleetwood Darts Report (week 3 2018)
Stars twinkle in a cloudless sky as I stand on the platform on Friday evening.
Across the tracks, thousands of families are boarding a tram to the illuminations. 
Faces pressed against the windows, they resemble sardines crammed into an undersized can.

Minutes later the tram to Fleetwood arrives.
It is gloriously empty.
As I take my seat a few spots of rain start to fall on the window.

By the time we reach the next stop the weather has taken a turn for the worse.
A storm of biblical proportions is battering the carriage.
I smile at pedestrians pursuing runaway umbrellas.
I chortle at cyclists peddling hard but going nowhere in the teeth of the gale.

Rocking from side to side we trundle slowly into the port.
The tram eases to a halt outside the library.
I step onto the platform.
The rain has stopped.
Stars twinkle in a cloudless sky.

I couldn’t be happier as I skip between the puddles on North Albert Street.
It feels like Friday is going to be a good night.

Similarly buoyant are the darters of Highbury ‘B’.

They enter the Dockers, thoughts of last week’s derby victory still fresh and vibrant.
It feels like Friday is going to be a good night.

Unfortunately, things immediately go awry as Craig Gill gets Dockers ‘B’ up and running.
A shared experience between Alan Thornton and Karl Swaby follows.
Soon though, the hosts are two legs clear, this after a win for Chris Blyth.
Finally, in the dying embers of the first half, the visitors record a win courtesy of Roy Stephenson.

Things continue to improve at the start of the second period when Gary Swanson levels the tie.
Back though bounce the Spirits, a man of the match performance by Liam Gill edging the homesters ahead once more.
The destination of the points remains a mystery though as top stick Anthony Rhimes squares the score in the penultimate leg.

All to play for as the final pairing takes to the oche.
This week though, it is to be the Highbury boys who grind their teeth in frustration as Chrissy Blyth snatches both points for the home side in a nail biting final leg.

Elsewhere, the Strawberry record their first win of the campaign with a comfortable home win over the Peripatetic Pensioners.

Graham Hopkinson picks up his second perfect punnet award for the 6-2 victors, with James Unsworth the best on the night for the Sanatogen Swiggers of deepest Thornton.

Also recording a 6-2 victory on Friday are the Olympians.

Three wins safely tucked away, the promenaders are suave and debonair in seeing off the challenge of the Biased Boys on Upper Lune Street.
Leading the way in the suave and debonair stakes for the Mount is Dave Coulborn, whilst for a well beaten Bowling Club it is Mark Wilson who makes it three wins out of three.

Meanwhile, the Beach Road Boys are recording their first win of the season at the expense of the Femme Fatales.

First half wins for Mike Lovell, man of the match Brad Ashton and skipper Jamie Spore, plus a share of the spoils for Matty Chorlton against Belinda Yusuf ease the hosts clear.
Further wins for Danny Christian and Andy Johnstone secure both points at the start of the second half, this before Jade Mitchell and dame of the game Tracey Cunningham bring an air of respectability to the final scoreline.

The Bug Boys are in ebullient mood ahead of their match against the Workingmens.

A win in their opening game and now a match against a team that has yet to pick up a point.
What could possibly go wrong?

Suffice it to say that only Gareth Bidder returns in triumph from the oche on Friday.
A procession of Workie wins leave the bugs battered and bemused the highlight of a splendid performance by their opponents a ten darts masterclass from Eddie Fitton.

Getting back to winning ways on Friday night are Highbury ‘A’.

Having stumbled seven days previously, the footballers are emphatically determined to get their show back on the road against visitors the Royal Oak.
Scott Hayton leads the way as the hosts romp home by 7-1; the solitary hiccup a bravura performance from Tom Weall for the visitors.

Anyway, I was skipping between the puddles on North Albert Street.

Entering the Comrades, I turn to see the rain bucketing down again.
It definitely feels like Friday is going to be a good night.

But then I climb the stairs.
And then I hear the raucous clamour beyond the door.
And then I remember we are playing Dockers ‘A’.
What could possibly go right?

The highlight of the defending champions 7-1 victory is an eleven darts cameo from Tom Duggan.
Personally, I loved marking a tremendous tussle between Stan Billington and Christian Hampson.
Skipper Neil Buston is a solitary success story for the Comrades, who continue to pray for a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, it won’t be a runaway tram.

Thanks for reading.
I eat my peas with honey 
I've done it all my life 
It makes the peas taste funny 
But it sticks them on the knife 

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