What a difference
            Took a thin slice of a electronic board spider and put it on a steel board....look at the difference of the trips and doubles....

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Big difference

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[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
I need to start paying soft tip!

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I've never given the size difference a thought before, but nice pictures thanks for posting
23g dobey phase 2
Extra short stems
Target no2 flights
That's a dramatic illustration.  Thanks for posting.
A reality check for sure. Guess I need to change my darts out.
Of course it's not just the scoring area.  It's the number of holes to receive the soft tip dart.  That's why the Euro soft tip boards are so much more challenging I would think.  Either way, no expert here...
And here's how different are our european soft tip dartboards compared to Dartslive...

[Image: lfuxX8c.jpg]
[Image: 0BId1r7.jpg]
(09-16-2018, 09:21 PM)elevendarter Wrote: And here's how different are our european soft tip dartboards compared to Dartslive...

[Image: lfuxX8cm.jpg]
[Image: 0BId1r7m.jpg]

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Strange thing is...I would prefer to play on the  european board.
A comparison between a european soft-tip and a steel-tip boards would be nice to see!
I'm blaming the light darts for the fact that I seem to play better on steel-tip boards!

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