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Hi all,  Well It is getting to the point now where even a game like darts is becoming prohibitive for myself and a lot of others, in this new product launch by Target, there is nothing really affordable to people like me, people on a very limited income have no chance anymore, companies have gone profit mad, i live on a very small income due to caring for my wife, so i cannot work (i was conned into stopping work to care for her, as it is cheaper for Government to pay me, than to have someone come round to take care of her) so i cannot justify nor afford to spend £40 - £50 on a set of darts, that is without paying a similar amount for a board, so slowly but surely i am being forced out of the game, what with the price of darts and the price having a few beers on a games night, plus team subs, plus teams running things like raffles and domino cards, and then running a collection towards food costs, it is all getting to much, even at grass roots level, pubs are often not willing to run a games league unless it pays for itself and/or makes money for the pub. Just my thoughts.

cheers Carpy
I know where you're coming from Carpy, regarding the general cost of living, . . . well, many people are just getting worse off financially every year !!!

But darts doesn't have to be like that, . . . . rule number 1, don't be taken in & led to believe that you've got to have the latest & greatest darts or gizmos

For playing & enjoying the game of darts, nothing more is needed than a £10 high quality set of darts from the likes of Darts Clearance, a few stems & flights and a board. Whats that, £50 all in ? That should provide 2 to 3 years of enjoyment, bit of a cheap sport when you look at it like that Smile 

If you want to gradually build a little collection, or try different styles, then there's plenty of choice from £10 +
You could have ten different, high quality sets for less than the price of an off-the-scale 'high-end' dart !

I agree, the prices of top-end darts are going through the roof, imo mainly due to the new grip patters & machining techniques. But you don't need to fall for all the hype & marketing, theres still plenty of choice of cheap, high quailty gear out there Cool

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Cheers Mindyereyes, that is all true, but i seem to get through a Blade5 in around 5 months lol, put my last one up on April the 13th this year, and it needs replacing now, and i rotate the board evey other day, but remember i am at home all day, so the board gets used for several hours every day, I have been playing on and off since the 70's and am playing in 2 leagues at the moment, but due to the cost of playing 2 leagues i have called it a day on the Wednesday league. Darts Clearance is a great shop, plus a good forum supporter, but for some reason i seem to struggle to find darts i like on the site, that is when i know what i like lol.
I just find in general, all darts the major companies seem to keep pushing their prices up to see how far they can go, the sky is the limit by the look of it, £70 - £100 for a set of darts now appears to be becoming somewhere near to a normal price, and people seem happy to pay it, which means the companies can put the price up to £80 - £120 and see what happens, when people pay that, then they will put the price up again, and so it goes on. Well i for one do not believe that profiteering on this scale (not just in darts or sport, but overall) cannot be sustained, something has got to give, and i don't think the big companies will want to lose out, so the every day people will get the bill for company greed.
I see and understand where your coming from, but in the end you have to live within your limits. there are plenty of darts & brands out there that are affordable, you dont have to always buy the big names, you dont have to have all the new gear, my friend always says " well you have more sets then i do" and my answer is always Yes you buy one set i get three for the price you pay for one, plus i dont rush out and buy everything every launch, there's always bargins out there if you wait or used is a good way too, Also if you go through Blade 5's so much maybe it's time to try a different board, Companies will keep increasing prices in the end because people line up to buy every new product that comes out, hell pre orders at DC for the new Elysian 4 are sold out
Thanks Crusher, gonna save my pennies and maybe try a gladiator3, just the cost with postage, it is about £46, whereas i can go and  get a B5 for £32 from my local Argos, they should sell the G3 as well lol, but could always be worse lol, at least we get a quick postal service, usually within 72 hours from either DC or Madhouse darts.
It's all about marketing my friends. They make it all look like something we need for what we already do just fine with the things that we have. I'm just not talking our sport either. No need to give examples we all have other interests that we're dialed into. And I'm a sucker for the new gear as well so just fall right into it very smoothly and order things without even batting an eye.
We are only in this game once so might as well enjoy the things that make us happy.
Yeah, agree with whats been said, . . . . and to . . 'enjoy the things that make us happy' . . sums it up nicely SlingBlade Smile

If people want it, & can afford it, then fair enough, go for it. The key is to not fall into the trap of thinking you need the latest & 'best' kit . . . . whatever that may mean ? A £10 set of darts can just as easily be 'the one's'  as a £100+ set, . . to  a lot of players.

I've reached the stage of simply being a bit bored of buying new darts (apart from the fact that i've just bought another set half an hour agoigiveup but only £12.99 from Darts Clearance)  Yeah, i know, i am mental !
Admittedly, their range can seem a bit limited at times, in darts i would buy & throw, but keep looking & something will usually come along. All the online retailers & forum sponsors carry big ranges of high quality 'buget' darts for about £20 or less, so for anyone just wanting to play the game there really is no need to go mad & spend a fortune Big Grin

But the bigger manufacturers are crazily & shamelessly cashing in on the willingness of punters to pay the price. Can't blame them from a businness point of view i suppose, but blatent 'cashing in' nevertheless !

As for DartBoards, i could highly recommend a Bulls Advantage 3. i don't think they're available anymore, but the Advantage 5.01 may be of similar quality & construction ?
My Adv 3 is 3 1/2 years old now, used a helluvalot over that time, and is still a perfect board to play on, with little signs of wear !
Theres some pics of it here, that i took 3 months ago

Just seen on MadHouse that the 5.01 is going for £50, . . . . not cheap ! Think i paid £35 for my Adv 3, but it's definitely been worth it   mint

Spend what you want, or can afford to, . . . the fact is that however much you do or don't spend, it'll make no difference to how good a player you are, . .  or can be !

That's all in the mind, . . . which is under total control of the individual !     .     .     .     or is it ? Thinker     Smile

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My Mind is not under my control, my doctor says its not lol.

That looks like an almost new board Mindyereyes, your bad parts look better than the good bits on my B5.
Argos do good deals. 30 quid for a blade 5, 90% tungsten darts running about 12 to 18 quid.
I dont think its quite like that, all depends on what your comparing it with, if your only judging by what the top brands are bringing out in their premium ranges then yes darts are getting expensive but there is still many shops selling great value darts for less than £20 and often less than £15.

Granted you may not get all the fancy coatings and grips of the higher priced darts but at the same time we have people that bemoan such things and want a more simple design of dart, which you can still get at great value prices.

Nothing wrong with wanting a simple design and for many that is seen as tried and tested dart that works.

Then on the other hand when we have new launches you will also get people saying things like there is nothing new, so you cant please everyone, people want new and advanced designs but at the same time others moan about it.

I think I have said the same thing every year now because its brought up every year. If they stop making all these fancy grips and coatings then we will never find out what things will be good and will work better to improve the darts and if we just stuck with the basic designs of the past then would there be any point in releasing new darts?

I am sure there is many reasons for the increases in prices like has already been discussed numerous times on here how much is down to pure greed we will never know but there is and always will be lots of decent darts to buy at value prices so I dont think darts is getting so expensive that people cant afford to play it.

A £10 set of darts and a £40 board and your all set, quite cheap compared to some sports Smile
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