My game
First you go around the board singles. Then you come back doubles to double 1. Throw next triple one and around the board to triple 20. At the end you throw two bulleyes or three outer bullseyes. Master out is two bullseys and one outer bullseye or three bullseyes.
Do not want you to get mad or so, but it seems to me like a normal training game except that bull thing.
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It's Ally Pally about the Darts, guys!  Moddarts Moddarts 
Yea just a game nothing else.
Been doing this for years. Great practice. Cheers
Sometimes I have thought why don't I throw this in reverse way. Many games are great in other way. Is it common to throw metal ring numbers or near doubles or triples lines? Also throwing champion choice and roundwire boards without bounces or near shots. It depends on how accurate game you wish. I try many crazy ideas on board when I invent them.

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