Ball Sentinel darts
I know somwho is it that got the ball sentinel darts from Voks
It wasn't me, but have moved to general chat as not really a review
do you mean these ones
Yes. Either I've got the wrong email address for Voks Darts. Or they're not responding
I have a set of them and they are definitely interesting and different. Anytime I've emailed Voks they have gotten back to me pretty quick and definitely have great customer service from my experiences
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(09-13-2018, 09:17 PM)davee64 Wrote: Yes. Either I've got the wrong email address for Voks Darts.  Or they're not responding

I found them to be great with my order from them a couple of months ago. 

Out of interest are you trying to buy a set of these darts from them?  If so then they were a limited edition run 3 years ago for forum members and they all went, so Voks wouldn't have any available to sell now.
My set is a fun diversion when I’m tired of shredding the backboard while the triple 20 lollygags around laughing up it sleeve at least the misses can then be attributed to “unfamiliar” equipment....right? Lol!
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I saw these on YouTube. Custom made for nuts.
My interest was more in getting a set of custom made darts. The contact link on their site doesn't display the email address, so I've no idea if they received my enquiry
Voks don't do customs but if you want some sentinel darts they may be getting a full production soon. Smile
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I'll watch out for them, although I would be considering some modifications. ie weight reduction and possibly grip. I believe the current weight is 21 gram. My darts vary from 6 gram to 15.6 gram.
Even though you say they don't do custom made darts, they did have a design competition earlier this year. If I'm not mistaken, some of the winners designs were made. Shame I didn't know about it

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