Which flights are you using and why?
What do Dimplex flights do differently to the darts flight?
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Some claim they have the same aerodynamic advantages as dimpled golf balls.  More stability, that sort of thing.  Don't really notice anything like that personally, and they don't last that well for me.  Got quite a few gathering dust in my collection of accessories.

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Ah I see reducing drag.... As you say cant see the distance a dart flys picking up that much drag but I could be incorrect.
I return back to a standard fabric flights due a some deflections from 100 micron standards (Ruthless, Victory). Not so big issue when scoring, but it increased a notch too. Main point was no deflections when trying to hit the doubles.
Pear ruthless, very good quality. Perfect size for sideloaders. Try to learn a hard straight throw.

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Recently switched to L Style Shape flights, and at the price they are, I'm going to try to stick with them!
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I bounce around and like to try different things and was forever attached to the slim profile flights but have gone back to standard shape with the Harrows Retina-X Flights - 100 Micron in clear.
I'm also a recent L Style convert.  I wrote them off as a waste of money for a long time but finally succumbed and bought some last September.

They are brilliant and I can't see myself changing back to normal flights any time soon! 


Keep the flights nicely spread out at 90 degrees
Flight never pops off the stem
Never have any Robin hoods
Bounce outs are virtually nonexistent 
They last for ages (I've just swapped mine for the first time after almost 5 months, the old ones are still usable, only really swapped for cosmetic reasons) 


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Monster Helios 3 22g
One80 Vice stems
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
I use the white L-style Fantail Z flight, with short white stems, and a gold metal Champagne cup.
I just switched back to L-Style and i’m going to stop messing around with changing setups lol. I used them a long time ago, cosmo, regular flights and shafts. I’ve went through it all but recently my darts have been going more tail up than i would like, even with smaller flights and longer shafts.

L-Style shape flights, carbon 260 (going to try 295) with premium champagne caps. It’s a little extra weight and they’re flighting very nice right now.
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