Target Storm Points -
Wow hasn't this topic done some miles.
I know there are haters and fan boys n girlz, but I am after some real facts.

Storm Points now come in
3 Colors - Silver Blaclk & Gold
2 Lengths - 26mm & 30mm
4 Types - Smooth, Grooved, Nano & Surge
And for what they are they are an expensive piece of kit costing as much as 25% of the cost of a set of darts.
I reckon the price has actually jumped in the past 12 months but don't have the numbers on hand.

I have read soo much about breaking points in the board, when hitting hard floors etc etc.
I have had only one bad experience with a grooved Storm Point, when replacing them using a Target Multipointer.
I misaligned the Taper on the point and the dart barrel and the point shattered.

Other than that no issues. I have also had minor fitting Issues where the point appears loose in the barrel (Target Darts too), and yet I read pices saying they break easily.
You Nutz that have experience with these items, are you able to shed light and share your experiences ?
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I have only had 2 break, both 30mm black smooth and both in taylor g3 95's 26g with supplied flights and stems and both by robin hooding a dart already in the board, I found that the gold one's are more likely to need glue to hold them in.
And the 26mm one's bend the spider on the gladiator board's if you use a heavier barrel and have a hard throw (by sticking in deep) but i still like them lol
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I've used them for around 5 years and been lucky enough not to have any breakages. Bounce outs have always hit a rubber mat or timber floor though. My only issue has been them stretching the barrels, ie taking a storm point out and the original points are too loose when you try to put them back in..

My dad has had 1 breakage over about a 3 year period using the same set of darts. All of his bounce outs over that time hit concrete pavers, so it wasn't surprising. With alum, he had his darts back the next day Smile.

With everything that's been written about the, there's definitely an increased risk using storms over other points, and some people are luckier than others. But you can easily reduce that risk.
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Been using them for years, no breakages but I've mostly used the smooth points. Been using some nano's for the past couple of months, no issues with them either. Grip in the board good but not as much of a board ripper as some points. Recently bought some storm surge points, don't suit me, have some sets to trade or sell :-)
Agree with what Humdinger said, storms tend to be a tight fit so they are not a point to be swapped in and out. That said, I've never really had the need, except I want to pull some surge points out of the Rob Cross 23g I put them in.
I have them in maybe 10 sets of darts and broke only one gold storm 30mm in a Unicorn Aden Kirk. It was my fault since it landed on a concrete floor. Still I'd use them if I bought a set that would look better with them.
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RegisterIf the postage out of the states wasn’t crazy expensive I’d entertain a purchase. Only looking at 30mm though.
What do you have and what are you asking?
I use 30mm smooth in 2 sets (20 & 24g)and looking to get some fitted in a few more sets over the coming weeks, no issues at all, no breakages and find them very aesthetically pleasing to boot!

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I like the look of these points but the stories of them breaking puts me off buying them.

Only had one of my Target Daytona Fire grooved storm points break after a bounce out, in the UK Target will replace the broken point for free if it’s one of theirs obviously, it means sending them your full set, they check for misuse damage, very quick turnaround, normally return post within 24 hours of receiving them.
Early on, I had broken one Storm point on a concrete floor that may not have been seated properly. I currently throw 25 sets with Storm points. I have been using them for several years. The idea they break has not been proven to me. I think it is essential to chamfer the barrel point hole to allow for the slight radius between the point and the flange. This insure the point seating fully. Find a drill bit slightly larger than the point hole and twist it with your fingers until you get a small bevel. I think a properly seated Storm point is actually just as strong or stronger than a regular steel point. I think point holes do widen when you replace points multiple times. That is not exclusive to Storms.

Everyone else's experience may differ.
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