England Classic Weekend 2018
Scores from this mornings Youth Matchplay with the finals being played tomorrow

[Image: FsyeLGJ.jpg]

Tomorrows Matchplay line ups and order of play on the stream

[Image: Sxm2DZj.jpg]

Not sure what is left to play today - I think some of the ladies last 16 and quarter finals games - but the youtube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reXRCzUa...e=youtu.be

The Mens Classic semi finals to be streamed tomorrow are:

Wesley Harms vs Reece Colley
Jim Williams vs Mark McGeeney
The Ladies Classic semi finals to be streamed tomorrow are

Trina Gulliver vs Anastasia Dobromyslova
Fallon Sherrock vs Deta Hedman
The winners of last nights mixed 4's were Glen Durrant, Paul Brown, Jim Williams and Fallon Sherrock.  Not got a clue who they played in the final or how many teams entered as i can't find a draw sheet on the ED site lol.

The start times for today are 10am or thereabouts for the Matchplay - see a couple of posts up for the order of play - and the stage finals for this afternoon are as follows from 3pm or thereabouts:

[Image: 0Lbl70j.jpg]

Don't know the link for todays youtube, but most likely on the ED channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yI8lC...owatvxjn1g
The draws for todays pairs are

Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2018Engla...920181.pdf
Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2018Engla...920182.pdf

And the youtube link for todays play starting in around an hours time is

Durrant/Edwards a nice watch, well played by both. mint
Hell of a game from Kyle there. In round the 113 Avg!!
[Image: oz1OCc3.jpg]
(09-09-2018, 01:20 PM)hamo Wrote: Hell of a game from Kyle there. In round the 113 Avg!!

Indeed ,very impressive from Kyle. mint
Iv been on the receiving end of it on manys an occasion..just have to step back and be impressed Lol
[Image: oz1OCc3.jpg]

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