If you play Cricket...
We play 301, 501, and Cricket over here in the US. I've come up with a good warm up for Cricket, or just a good practice routine for beginners or for when you are getting better. Start with whatever number you like and from there you get three darts to close each number, 21 in all.  I start with 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, Bull. If you hit a treble or a double and have darts left over for that turn, use your remaining darts for the next number, do your best to get ahead. But, if you get behind you must move to the next on the next number, throw and do your best to close it all with as little darts as possible and use your remaining darts to go back to close the number or numbers that you missed. So lets say I start and I close the 20 and hit one 19 with my first three darts, on the next throw I only hit one 19 so it is still open. On the 3rd throw I have to throw at the 18 and I close it with two darts, I then use that third dart to hit a double on the 19, I'm then I'm back on track. I may have made this seem complicated but just remember, you get 3 darts at each number and you must move to the next number after each turn. Only if you close the next number can you go back and close missed numbers. Of course the object is to get to the bull and have as many darts as possible to take it out. If you close out 6 numbers with six darts, that would leave you with 15 darts for the bull, but who hits 9 marks twice in a row? Normally, I will get to the bull and have 3-6 darts left in my hand, sometimes less, sometimes I don't even make it to the bull, depends on the day. You can choose to go in any order you like, but do save the bull for last. Give me some feedback...
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