Is anyone using punched flights on bog standard nylon stems?

has anyone had any success with punched flights on no brand/designa nylon stems?  I have titanium slot rings and springs, the titanium rings are too tight with a 100 micron flights.  Springs are better, but still inconsistent, i.e. often one flight will not go in to the stem as far as the others.

If others are having the same issue what stems are you using?

not used springs or rings for ages now, but I never had any issues using them on the Designa cheapo stems when i did use them
No problem. Some stems are thicker ( Designa Edgeglow, Show Time) but no problem with Target, Harrows or Designa (Durable) shafts. It may be though that flights don't go fully down onto the tangs like you were used to.
Designa shafts work fine for me .
Harrows super grip with Target titanium rings are so tight , it’s a
struggle to pull the flight off. Lol

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(08-29-2018, 10:35 PM)The G Wrote: Designa shafts work fine for me .
Harrows super grip with Target titanium rings are so tight , it’s a
struggle to pull the flight off. Lol

Exactly this for me. I actually find Harrows Supergrip stems and Supergrip rings are so tight I can hardly get them off.

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I use Ti slot rings with Designa durable nylon stems. The flight doesn't always seat right at the bottom of the tangs, but I can usually get it to happen either by trying a different (but identical) stem, or even flipping the ring over. Sometimes there are minute differences due to manufacturing tolerances.
Same as Humdinger, I have been using the Target Titanium Slot Lock rings with Designa Durable Nylon stems with for a little while now and I've had very little issue with them.  The worst thing I have found is a random poorly molded stem or 2 but I am talking about 2 stems in 4 or 5 dozen sets.  I never had any issues with them on Harrows SuperGrip stems either but I have noticed, oddly enough, that they can be a bit snug on Target ProGrip stems.  That said, as Humdinger also states, it is usually a simple task of flipping the ring over and popping it back on.  Yes, they can sometimes be a bugger to remove but that's the point, right.......keeping the flight where it belongs instead of on the floor?
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thanks for the inputs. the issue i am having is getting the flights seated in to the stems the same with the ti rings and once they are on you can't get them off. i've got the springs working though, pushing them down with my thumb nails and then sliding the flight on a bit more...rinse and repeat
Ayup SG

Always never used any other type of stem.

I use punched flights on Target pro grip stems, I don’t push them all the way down, just to the point where they become tight. Flights never come out unless I Robin Hood the stem, the stem is then binned and replaced.

I use punched 100 micron flights, nylon stems with titanium rings
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I'm using Winmau Prism Alpha flights, 100 micron right now in conjunction with Harrows Supergrips. Been using for about a week, was just thinking yesterday about how I haven't had any flights fly off, right before I hit a nice tight 140 and one did come off. Thats with the titanium rings. Pleased so far! I have some cheapy stems on the way (recently switched to tweenie length) so I'll try and remember to come back and post my experience with them
Just in the last week I have started with this system, cheapest canes and rings,
ordinary flights (kites) which I cut the slots with a craft knife. I haven't had a flight 
come out for a full week now, my back is much better for not having to pick flights
up so much.  Smile
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