PDC Order of Merit tables
The PDC utilise quite a few Order Of Merit tables for their various tours/events, so this thread is to keep them all in one place.  To see the latest OOM just click the relevant link.

PDC OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/pdc-order-merit or via the PDPA site - https://www.pdpa.co.uk/pdc-tours/pdc-order-of-merit/

Pro Tour OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/protou...r-of-merit

European Tour OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/europe...r-of-merit

Players Championship OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/player...r-of-merit

UK Open OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/uk-ope...r-of-merit - redundant for 2019

Unibet Premier League Table - https://www.pdc.tv/unibet-premier-league-table

World Series OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/world-series-order-merit

Challenge Tour OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/node/7120

Development Tour OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/order-of-merit/develo...r-of-merit

Q School OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/qualifying-school-order-merit


PDC Asia OOM - https://www.pdc.tv/asian-tour-order-merit

PDC Nordic & Baltic OOM - http://pdc-nordic.tv/ranking-2018/ 

EADC OOM - http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e40292_31f...c75738.pdf

Dart Players Australia OOM - http://www.dartplayersaustralia.com/?q=node/342

Dart Players New Zealand various rankings - http://www.dartplayers.co.nz/pages/current-rankings/

Championship Darts Circuit various rankings - http://www.champdarts.com/news-and-standings.html

The PDC Order of Merit rules can be found here - https://www.pdc.tv/pdc-order-merit-rules
Good lad Smile
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thank you very much mc. really usefull thread. +1
Good stuff Mike . Handy indeed.

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

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Great work mike..... thanks so much for this.... always an interesting scan of the table s!!!
Thanks guys.

I just realised looking through the list that I hadn't included anything for the North American side of the game so I have added a link to the CDC (Championship Darts Circuit) rankings page as that is the one the PDC is using to pick the USA and Canada representatives for the World Championships.

If you are interested in the other North American organisations rankings then the home pages are:

American Darts Organisation - http://www.adodarts.com/
National Darts Federation of Canada - http://www.ndfc.ca/
North America Professional Darts Alliance - http://www.napda.net/

The German Superleague champion also qualifies for Ally Pally - for the current standings and results in that in that there is a separate thread for the 2018 series HERE
Following todays announcement re the expansion of the UK Open and the qualifiers now being replaced by additional PC events, from 2019 the UK Open OOM will no longer apply
Any big changes in the OoM on the horizon? Should we be expecting Peter Wright to have a bit of a slide?
Wright and Cross are both defending a fair bit between now and the end of the Worlds and could well start slipping down the rankings. I think Cross will be ok though, but not sure on Wright as he seems more inconsistent at the moment.

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