BDO announce a lift on players restrictions
Ayup Mike

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Interesting times ahead

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Great news!
More improvements from the BDO with a long overdue update of their website
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This is great news all round and dare I say will improve the standard of BDO players.

The people who have run the BDO since the split have behaved with a total disregard for the professional players trying to earn a living. Bigger egos than IQ’s have made the BDO a second rate organisation with a second rate product. This announcement is a victory for common sense.
During the last BDO world championships one of the commentators was saying that you have to remember that almost all the BDO players hold down full time jobs. He was saying this whilst stood by a large advertising hoarding with the words British Darts Organisation World PROFESSIONAL Darts Championship Smile
Anyway well done Des Jacklin, let the players earn a living, most darts fans just want to watch darts no matter what bloody organisation is running the tournament.NOJ
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