BDO announce a lift on players restrictions
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This video is nice, it's mentioning this Darts Nutz thread :-)

Nice find!  Gave me double vision watching the embedded video and seeing the thread scroll by!  But very cool  Cool

Hahaha, watched the video and heard where my post on here got a shout-out by the reporter.    

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille."
Would love to believe this could be a turning point for the game, hope to see lots more great match ups with the floodgates now open
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A long time coming , but this is a step in the right direction well done B.D.O
(08-25-2018, 08:37 AM)Mike HermThe Wrote: A long time coming , but this is a step in the right direction well done B.D.O

A step taken to try and distract people from Lakeside
Connecting people as opposed to dividing them is always a good thing.  Dart on!
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I see that the BDO have re engaged with Twitter again, with updates of the weekends Swedish Open and West Midlands Open. More improvements from the new regime
Finally the highest places got some s... in their head. At least some good news today Smile
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Just had a ping on my phone regarding YouTube, it is a Scott Waites interview where he reckons most of the BDO will now have a crack at Q-school this coming January after this announcement.
The BDO also announced another change/clarification today - youth players are now able to qualify for the World Championships and World Darts Trophy if they are high enough in the rankings - all subject to whatever sponsors they may have for the events and whether the sponsors want the players to wear advertising patches on stage.
Oh, and it looks like there may be a meeting between Des Jacklin and Barry Hearn on the cards as well sometime soon

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