OPINION: BDO crisis deepens as uncertainty about governance and immediate future aris
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It's been a while! I've written an article on the BDO crisis and the outcome of the chairmanship vote. I also spoke to Chris Mason on the matter and looked more deeply into the crisis itself. Have a read and let me know what you think!

Not sure I agree with skipping the two biggest tournaments on the BDO calendar for a year but maybe such a dramatic step is needed to get the organisation in order.

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(08-16-2018, 03:59 AM)Banz Wrote: Not sure I agree with skipping the two biggest tournaments on the BDO calendar for a year but maybe such a dramatic step is needed to get the organisation in order.

I'm not sure if running them with to sponsorship or TV is wise either but it seems to work for the BDO World Trophy
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Definately a scenario that many dart fans will be following.
I truly hope the BDO gets things sorted.

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great article.they need to get a grip it all looks very amateur compared to pdc which they always will be.hope they can sort it
I fear the BDO will never be a success as long as the "Old School " folk are in positions of authority they seem to operate it as if it belonged to them to much conflict not enough cooperation & a stone age outlook the sooner they take on board that in football terms they are Sunday league not championship or premier league There is a place for them but i feel it requires cooperation with the PDC not being at Loggerheads & seeking to find their true position the better it wold be if they don't i fear i will sink into oblivion Shame it has a place & could be a success
Let's be honest, the future of the BDO is dark.

Darts is not a big sport, compared with football and other major sports. So the appeal of Sunday league darts is rather low, especially have darts has the problem, that the difference in the level of the game is obvious to everyone and you can't compensate it with anything.
In football if you don't have the tactical and technical skills you can still run and fight and so Sunday league football has some sort of special appeal. But who wants to watch a darts match with a 70 or low 80s average?
I mean that is just not a good watch foir 99% of the people. Darts only works as a TV sport, when the standard is good and the matches are entertaining.

So I personally think, the only possible success for the BDO would be to finally accept the fact, that there is no back to the glorious old days and they start working on a professionel build amateur tour with one or two events, that are on TV or streamed.
I doubt they have the money left for a change like that and the people in charge to embrace a change like that.
And as said above, I am not sure there is money in it, in terms of interest fans.
I mean in the end the fans have now voted over some time, that there are only a few die hard fans, that are interested in second level darts as spectators.
The BDO had trouble filling halls with fans and you can easily understand it. Darts at its best is a sport, that is better on TV than live at the venue, when you care for the sport.

So in the end, I think the BDO has not really a future, beyond caring for BICC and county darts.
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I can’t see the bdo surviving if they don’t hold the worlds. That is the one tournament which is consistently followed by dartsnutz and casual fans alike. If it isn’t on over Christmas / new year, the reputational damage will be irreversible. Other tournaments, becus of the lower following, there would be a chance of recovery but not from the worlds.

I see a big part of the problem is that the bdo prize money is too high. Echoing comments above, their future must be amateur with amateur prize funds.

The BDO at its core is participation. They could focus on open events, like the British classic, giving decent (and not) players a chance to play the ‘stars’ in a competitive match. Get enough entrants and you’ll get the interest, a sustainable prize fund and you’ll get sponsors.

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Seems a bit bleak to me
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Think they have just got to literally rip up the schedule,board and system s in place and literally start again and totally restructure itself and bring in new systems and a governing body..... if not it will be a slow painful death and any of it s “ stars” that could help with a re birth will be off to the pdc.......

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