New Senior Moderator designation
I'm Proud to announce that the Administrators have decided to designate 3 Super moderators as Senior Mods in addition to being super moderators. We are very proud of all our moderators who keep this forum on an even keel every day, day in and day out. This forum cannot run properly without you and we Admins know this. From helping members with problems, catching scammers, to running Prize giveaways and just everyday problems. Neither Darren , Greg nor myself can be here as much as we would like to be so we depend upon the Mod staff to run things while we attend other forum tasks. The new Senior mods will relieve us from many daily headaches. We ask all mods to embrace these three individuals. We ask that mods go to one or all of these Seniors with new ideas, problems and advice. Senior mods have authority to ask for Mods to assist in problem solving and running any projects. These three where chosen for length of time as a Super Mod, knowledge of the workings of the forum, past service to members and projects . These Seniors will be allowed to put Senior in their signature and may display a badge of their making indicating such.Please welcome your New Senior Super Moderators Sherry (Cat) Lavigne, Mark (Hamo) Hamilton and last but not least Mike(Mc1958) Cowel. Congratulations.

Darren (Getagrip)
Larry (*Saber*)
Greg (Rebel)
Good luck in your new roles to all of you
Superb choices and all recognised as diligent supporters of our beloved Dartsnutz Forum.
I know from experience of the support and assistance they give freely and impartially to help members.
Not sure I can think of Cat as in any way a Senior, she’s still a kitten LOL
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Well done to you all, fully deserved Smile
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aren't they all seniors anyway oldguy
seriously though, good choices
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Well deserved!!  Congratulations to all!!
- Red

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Congrats and good luck with your new responsibilities
ConGrats Lady and Gentlemen. Well deserved.
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BTW. Was there some kind of party that we didn't get invited to, "again"?

Ok glad that you were promoted. Well done.

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