Unicorn - floor to ceiling stand
Hi all,

Found some Threads about this Unicron product, but unfortunately not the info I needed.


Any one tried this one? Is there any movement of the board? When the darts hit the board or when you pull out your darts? Or is it fix, like mounted on a wall?
Never even seen one and that price is scary but if that's all you can use I guess might be ok.
I haven't used one of these, but I now use a Shot! Nomad which is a similar price (in Australia anyway) with no complaints.
[Image: uBd7OCT.png]
Not used one as my board is on my wall, but if you are gooing to get one of these do not get it from the link you posted - if you look in the normal shops like forum sponsors Madhouse Darts you will find them £50 cheaper

An other try  Cool 
Anyone got any experience with this stand?

Especially interested in sound/noise and stability.
Sound: Not for me but is it quieter for my neighbours if I would use something like that
Stability: Is the board shaking while playing?
Have you read this post?

Thanks for that!
I hope that the ceiling version is even better because it is fixed at the top as well.
I've just found it on Amazon for 92£. Sold by Unicorn itself. Was marked as new but "Just 1 left in stock (more on the way)". And as soon as I ordered it it, it went back to "In stock" but it's back to 150£ as well...
So let's see what I'll get...
I have a tripod stand and have no complaints about it. It does move a little when pulling your darts and does move very little when hitting the outer edges...D11 and D6 but nothing to complain about as it never moves out of regulation position. Mine is also very quiet...I can throw in the room adjacent to the bedroom. Also...setup and take down is done in seconds.
Just something to look at...

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