Looking for Gran Board Stand?? Homemade.. or boxed.
Looking for a stand for my gran board.. 

Really like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product...6ad7rg1SAZ   But these are sold out everywhere is the US and you can buy here for $140 shipping. 

But possibly willing to build one.. share yours with me for inspiration if you like.
i have my Gladiator 2 mounted on a box stand...so i thought my daughter could play with the GB3...but due to the width its very tricky to mount it tight and securely.
As you can see i used a not so well build solution...but it had to go quickly Cool  patience is not the strength of 4yo kids Big Grin and so i had to use things lying around
[Image: 20180502_172518.jpg]

Thats the back view of the normal board...its a self made bracket made of aluminium
[Image: 20170306_135551.jpg]

Sine then my GB3 is mounted on the wall...for me its was too wobbly on the stand, but i think more creative people could find a solution for that. Big Grin
[Image: aviary-image-1518806011720-01.jpg]
There are pole type, belt type and shelft type stands from gran board. It should be on their dacebook page or main website.

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