Struggling to find the right dart
Hi all, I’m having problems looking for a set of darts that not only feel comfortable but also I can release them properly.
I’m a rear gripper so i have two fingers and a thumb at the back of the dart quite close together, and then my 4th finger isn’t used to rest the point on when I throw it.
If anyone knows of any darts that may suit my grip that please let me know, I’m open to all suggestions
I've got the same grip and I've found it keeps creeping further back. What's helped me most with releasing is making a conscious effort to keep my grip forward... just a little closer to the balance point.

Without knowing your preferred weight or shape, I like Unicorn Taylor Phase 6...

and a great value dart that's working for me at the moment is Unicorn Striker, 24g (knurled)...

Do you have s preferred shape/weight?
[Image: i6coee.jpg]
I'm pretty much the same...I need a longer shorter than 50 mm. I'm using Daytona Fires right now and I have to release them just right or they fly weird. I also have some Agoras that are nice and they are super grippy. I use the Fires for both soft and steel so I'm trying to get them right. If I do change it will be to the Agoras. Luck in your search.
I'm currently using some Designa Razor grip 24g with medium stems and a standard flight. Nothing too special. I have quite a bad snatching problem at times, so bad that I could hit 6 when aiming for 20. I was thinking that because that dart is really grippy that it is making me snatch when i throw, just a thought

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