Repointing Darts Clearance
It’s probably going to sound daft but has anyone repointed Darts Clearance barrels from eBay? I’ve had so many repointing problems lately with barrels and points I was just worried as they’re coming heaps barrels in case because they’re quite cheap barrels repointing them might not work
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RegisterDarts clearance is not bad at all and the only reason they're cheap is because the price of darts is based on if its a players dart or the company. Most of the time a 30gbp dart really costs 10gbp so I don't think theyre going to have any problems.

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I've had no issues with the few I've done from Darts Clearance. Just remember not to force a point like usual and all should be fine.
I've re pointed Darts Clearance darts on several occasions with no problems at all as I prefer black points
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Yeah I’ve never been a fan of silver short points, so I’m getting the Anderson/Cullen points in. but thanks guys!
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 Using those points try to only have plain point showing barrel side of the point clamp. a tiny radius on the blunt end helps A friend tried with the groove nearest the blunt end exposed on the barrel side of the clamp & he bent 2 out of the 3 at the groove
So far, I've purchased 5 sets from Darts Clearance and repointed all of them without issue.  They are surprisingly good darts made of what seems to me very high quality tungsten.  I wouldn't think twice about reporting them.
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