World Championship: Women's Qualifiers Confirmed
If i'm playing a prelim match i dont think i wanna play Lisa
Impressive with Lisa whitewashing her first five opponents. mint
Think it's good both Lisa and Ana will be there, in my eyes the two best two lady players at the moment. Hope we will see them beat some men and make a name for themself.
As much as I would have loved to see Deta get through today, I agree the best two ladies at this point in time have got through and none of the players will fancy getting drawn against either of them. Just been looking at the Lakeside draw and they could meet in the final there as well.
I'm glad that Lisa won but it's a shame that 10 of the top 25 women didn't enter
(11-25-2018, 10:54 PM)Joshtin Pipe Wrote: I'm glad that Lisa won but it's a shame that 10 of the top 25 women didn't enter

As far as I'm aware the players that didn't enter were:

Trina Gulliver (8)
Paula Jacklin (11)
Tori Kewish (17)
Patricia Steenbergen (t-18)
Tricia Wright (t-18)
Deana Rosenblom (21)
Margaret Sutton (22)
Julie Thompson (23)

Trina wasn't there as this weekend was also the Italian Grand Masters which is sponsored by Finder - they also sponsor a few individual players including Trina and would want those players at their own sponsored events. Paula is the wife of the BDO Chairman and was also committed to going to Italy before the qualifier was announced. Tori had recently spent time in the UK and Europe and would have cost her a lot of money coming back over from Australia for a one off qualifier.  Some of the others already had pre-booked plans that they couldn't get out of as well. 

In addition to the above, Anca Zijlstra entered the ROW qualifier but was unable to attend as she damaged her ankle the day before the event, and
Laura Turner had entered the UK qualifier, but as she is also the players rep she most likely felt obligated to attend the Italian event just in case of any issues.

It's a shame all the diaries are so crammed, but that's the way these days whichever side of the divide you play on.

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